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NorCal Stars Highlight USA 2018 National Synchronized Swimming Teams

national synchronized swimming teams 2018

Announcing Team USA: 13-15 and 12U 2018 National Synchronized Swimming Teams

Spectators have long been awed by the grace and power of synchronized swimming since the inception of the sport in the early 1900s. As an Olympic sport, Americans and the world are captivated by the beauty and athleticism of these performing artists.

USA Synchro is proud to announce the 13-15 and 12 & Under National Synchronized Swimming Teams 2018 with NorCal athletes headlining the show.

The selection process took place after three phases of trials. The final trial was earlier this month during the U.S. Junior and 13-15 National Championships in Lewisville, Texas.

The swimmers selected to the U.S. 13-15 National Team are: Miko Begossi (Walnut Creek Aquanuts), Yujin Chang (Santa Clara Aquamaids), Emily Ding (Santa Clara Aquamaids), Marlena King (Walnut Creek Aquanuts), Olivia Li (New Canaan Aquianas), Chiara Steele (Santa Clara Aquamaids), Megan Tappe (New Canaan Aquianas), Gabriella Terry (Coral Springs Aquacades), Ashlyn Wang (Arizona Desert Dolphins) and Marilyn Weaver (Santa Clara Aquamaids).

The head coach of the U.S. 13-15 National Team is Megan Azebu. The assistant coaches are Irina Rodriguez and Rosilyn Tegart.

The swimmers selected to the U.S. 12 & Under National Team are: Gianna Bonacorso (Santa Clara Aquamaids), Perry Daniel (Santa Clara Aquamaids), Elizabeth Fullen (Cincinnati Synchrogators), Jennah Hafsi (Tampa YMCA Synchro), Audrey Kwon (Seattle Synchro), Viola Li (New Canaan Aquianas), Elle Santana (Arizona Desert Dolphins), Aubrey Shen (New Canaan Aquianas), Nathalia Valdez (Pirouettes of Texas) and Lillian Weber (Tampa YMCA Synchro).

The head coach of the U.S. 12U National Team is Ludivine Perrin-Stsepaniuk. The assistant coaches are Jocilyn Sayler, Fred Pasqualin and Xin Shi.

At the Comen Cup in Seville, Spain, July 26-29, the 13-15 team will compete. Additionally, both teams will take part in the UANA Pan American Championships in Riverside., Aug. 7-11.

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