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7 Friday Night Podcast | Ep. 2.39: Season 2 Outtakes & Laughs

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It’s The Annual 7 Friday Night Bloopers And Highlights Episode Featuring Some Of Our Favorite Season 2 Moments And Gaffes

PICTURED ABOVE: Campolindo Seniors Robbie Mascheroni (Left) And Dashiell Weaver Give Us The Perfect Image For This Episode. (Chace Bryson Photo)

For the second year in a row, we’ve dug through the 7 Friday Night audio archive to pick out some of our favorite funny moments from the season. Some moments that were included in the show, and some that had been edited out.

After recording two shows per week for five months, there was no shortage of content to include. We’ve got blown lines, technology fails, script confusion, several Coach Eidson highlights — including the best of “Dumb Football” — and plenty more.

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Enjoy 30 minutes of some of our best absurdity from Season 2.

7 Friday Night will wrap up its 2022 season with our season finale highlighting SportStars Magazine’s All-NorCal team releasing sometime in early-to-mid January.

WANT TO NOMINATE A PLAYER FOR OUR ALL-NORCAL TEAM? Do it here by voice message! And if we use it on the January show, we’ll send you a SportStars t-shit.

Listening platforms include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts and Radio Public. Also, feel free to use the same platforms to look up SportStars’ other podcasts: The 2021 oral history-style show SportStories, and the ask-an-expert health and fitness show, Know & Go.

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