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Train to be a superhero! Apex Movement Nor Cal programs build foundational movement skills in a fun, safety-focused and supportive environment. Our Parkour and American Ninja Warrior based camps allow kids to become immersed in a movement art as they jump, swing, vault and grow in self-confidence as they enjoy the obstacles and courses. Over 40 camps for multiple ages and skill levels. If you think you are a candidate for camp, please contact us at APEXMovementNorCal@gmail.com.

APEX takes you out of static movement and boring reps and encourages play. APEX is one big playground for adults and children. Play and parkour are practical and functional movement, meaning that the skills you acquire in the gym directly relate to your life outside the gym. Build quickness, endurance, balance, flexibility, agility, explosive strength, all through playing like a kid. APEX Movement parkour and free running camps are split into levels: beginner and intermediate. All intermediate campers should have at least a month of formal training with APEX Movement, have completed the beginner camp or extensive experience in gymnastics, break dancing, martial arts or another similar movement art.
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APEX Movement NorCal Parkour & American Ninja Warrior Camps
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