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Can Athletes Have Long-Lasting Confidence?

Can We Have Long-Lasting Confidence?

Regularly parents come to me saying something like this, “My kid lacks confidence. When he (or she) is confident, he’s at his best and you can see he performs so much better. How do I help him build long-lasting confidence?”

They then tell me that their coach told them something like this, “Just need to believe in yourself.”

I have to tell them the truth, “Lack of confidence is not the problem”. Long-lasting confidence is!

That tends to elicit a very quizzical look. 

So I then go on to explain to them exactly what you will watch in this 3rd video for the R.A.CE. Formula.

Can We Have Long-Lasting Confidence?

Video 3 – Clear The Mental Baggage

 Then we get right to the work of what I sometimes like to call:  

“The Car Wash”

 The Car Wash is a systematic method of eliminating all the junk that holds young athletes back from having long-lasting confidence.


Only then, can we build long-lasting, solid confidence. If you’ve done any mental training research, you will know that far too many trainers and coaches are ignorant of this step.

The competitor might get a short-term boost from little “tricks”, but the mental baggage always comes roaring back. 

You’ll need to get to where the issues live and CLEAR them, permanently!

 The video should help: Video 3 – Clear The Mental Baggage

 Let me know how it goes.

Let’s do this,

Craig Sigl, Mental Toughness Trainer

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