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Can the USMNT compete at the 2022 World Cup
Can the US lift the World Cup in Qatar? Soccer has struggled for recognition for a long time in the United States, dwarfed by more traditional sports such as American football, baseball and basketball. Despite having a population of 328million, more than the last four World Cup-winning countries combined,... Read more
Best Cali Native Athletes in the NFL
California isn’t short on pro sports teams worth rooting for. The state is home to five MLB franchises, four NBA teams, three NHL squads, and three more NFL teams. From San Francisco in the north to San Diego in the south, Californians have choices when it comes to pledging... Read more
Pre-Run Stretch Get You Ready To Run
Countdown to the Youth Runner Camp – Four Min Pre-Run Stretch from Matt Walsh Pre-run workouts get you properly prepared for a good run. While waiting for running camps and competition, or just going out for a good bit of exercise, try these pre-run stretches. Physical Therapist Matt Walsh... Read more
Livermore Elite Wrestling Club
WEST COAST PREPS: Success? Just another day for the Livermore Elite Wrestling Club Recently, The Livermore Elite Wrestling Club (LEWC) entered six competitors into the 2020 Turf Wars Western States Championships hosted by The Legacy Center and USA Wrestling in Farmington, Utah. If Turf Wars was an appropriate title for the well-run, highly... Read more
Preserve Stanford University Wrestling Program BRIEF: In July 2020, Stanford University announced its intention to eliminate 11 Varsity sports at the conclusion of the 2021 season, including wrestling, citing “finances and competitive excellence” as the primary drivers for this decision. This conclusion was reached in private, without consulting the... Read more
Kerry McCoy Takes Over California RTC
Editors note: Regional Training Centers (RTC’s) are becoming very popular among the collegiate level programs. Fresno State also has an RTC program that is open to former wrestlers training for the international level, as well as top level high school wrestlers that meet specified criteria (e.g., cadet/Jr. All-Americans, state... Read more
Frank Cheek, Legendary Humboldt State Coach Passes
This past Saturday, legendary Humboldt State University Coach Frank Cheek passed away at the age of 82. His long career at Humboldt State included 22 years coaching wrestling and 25 years coaching softball. Most recently the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Hall of Fame inducted Cheek. Frank Cheek guided... Read more
Wrestling’s 2020 All-American Teams Announced
Wrestling’s 2020 All-American Teams: April 21, 2020 National Wrestling Coaches Association Announced Wrestling’s 2020 All-American Teams covering First Team All-Americans, Second Team and Honorable Mentions. California high school honorees are in bold. EVAN WICK (Wisconsin/San Marino, S) _______________________________ LET’S STAY CONNECTED: Follow SportStars on Twitter & Instagram | Like us on Facebook | Subscribe! _______________________________ FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICANS 141 –... Read more
Spring Training Home Running Workout
Part of SportStars #NeverStop campaign, and #StayStrong @home spring training series. Here’s a good schedule of activities for the runner in the household. A good spring training home running workout schedule from the Youth Runner Spring Training from Home Series… Hope everyone is doing well. We’re giving you a... Read more
Bryce Monroe Riordan Basketball SportStar of the Week
When SportStars Magazine launched a NorCal boys basketball Player of the Year fan vote on March 31, Bryce Monroe was not among the nine voting options. But after a relentless write-in campaign got him added, the Sam Houston State-bound guard landed more than 23,000 of the 73,000-plus total votes received over... Read more
Keep Moving, Running Reflections on 15 Years of Miles and Trials
Running is about heart, resiliency, and a willingness to overcome adversity and keep moving. Another agonizing workout on the track. Ten half-mile repeats. One more to go, but it feels like I’ve done a thousand. Will they ever end? As I lie on the ground gasping for air, my... Read more
Workouts for Spring Training
Workouts for Spring Training: What is Light Running? We’ve had some setbacks with our running this spring training and off-season training came early. Maybe you can’t leave your home. That doesn’t mean you have to lose your focus or your fitness. If you are not communicating with a coach right... Read more