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It’s time for Club Tryouts. Here’s What You Can Expect.

Club Tryouts can be stressful however all Club Directors work together to make sure that the tryout process is smooth as possible.

Below are some insights to mitigate stress and make the tryout process fun and exciting. For those new to club volleyball these will introduce you to the wonderful world of club volleyball, and show you what you can expect during tryouts.

Tip # 1: Have a plan:  Determine which of the clubs you are going to tryout for and confirm dates and times on the club’s website the week prior.

Tip #2: Register Early:  Clubs like to have a good idea of how many players will be attending their tryouts. Most clubs will offer discounts if you preregister. Clubs also offer online registration and payment for your convenience.

Tip #3: Do your research: Find out as much as you can about the club prior to attending tryouts. Find out about the coach who would potentially coach your athlete. What is the coaches background, experience and certifications? (These usually can be found on the club website.)

Tip #4: Try out for more than one club, but don’t over do it:  There are no guarantees, so make sure you tryout for multiple clubs. Even though you should tryout for more than one club, try not to wear yourself out. Get plenty of rest, hydrate, and ice to prevent injuries.

Tip #5:  Know your financial responsibility: Before you leave tryouts, have a clear understanding of what your financial obligation will be for the season. Ask what your fees include, and if there are any additional charges. How much does the season cost, including travel? What does the uniform package include? Is there additional training included in club dues, etc?

Tip #6: Ask the right questions: Where do you see me fitting into the team? What would my role be? Know what the coaches philosophy is regarding playing time and make sure the coach is the right fit for your personality and learning style. Ask who else has committed to the team, familiarity is always helpful.

Tip #7: Only give one verbal commitment: A verbal commitment is not binding however once you give a verbal commitment, that club tells another player no, and should you change your mind, recapturing that player is difficult at best. Before you give a verbal commitment make sure you truly are committed to the club.

Tip #8: College Recruiting: Any club promising to get your player a college scholarship is likely not being 100% truthful. Clubs can help and assist you in reaching your goals by educating you on the recruiting process, assist in putting your recruiting tape and bio together. They can contact college programs on your behalf and send information. but they can’t guarantee you’ll be recruited. Ask the club if they have a College Recruiting Educational Program and how they are willing to help.

Tip #9: Have Realistic Expectations & Goals: Find out where the club finished in the previous season and if this is in line with your goals. Do you need to be second string on the #1 team or is playing time more important at this stage in your career. Be honest with yourself about your goals and expectations for the season. Choose a club because it is the right fit for you.

Tip #10: Purchase your NCVA Membership prior to tryouts: You will need to be an NCVA member if you want to try out for a club team. To register go to, then go to Register As A Member. Click on either Register As A New Member or Register As a Returning Member. Make sure you bring proof of membership to each tryout. You will not be able to tryout with out it.

I hope you find these tips and insights helpful and that they make your tryout experience less stressful. See you on the courts!

Prima Glorioso
Club Director
Core Volleyball Club

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