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Concord’s Feast Of High School Football Events & Camps

high school football

Concord To Host A Variety Of Gridiron Events Through May •

No, high school football never ends. When the games end, there’s always a clinic, combine, tournament or event quickly scheduled for the eager players ready to prepare and better themselves for the next fall.

The staff at Visit Concord has figured this out.

That’s why off season high school football events offered by Quick 6 Football and Junior Prep Sports California will be showcased in Concord from March through May.

JPS began offering its Player Development Lineman Camp on Feb. 17 with Saturday gatherings through March at Clayton Valley Charter High. Youth Camps for 4th-8th graders runs 8-9:30 a.m. and High School Camps run from 9-11 a.m.

First, the camps, which allow for walk-up registrations, are progressive and focus on the fundamentals of the game specific to the various offensive and defensive line positions. Instructors are typically area high school coaches.

Second, the registration fee is only $25. It includes a t-shirt and instruction for that particular day.

Third, the camps lead up to Concord and Clayton Valley Charter High hosting the West Coast Invitational-Battle Of The Unsung Heroes, a three-day linemen challenge combine from May 18-20.

Information about both of these events can be found at


high school footballMeanwhile, Quick 6 Football will be holding the second of two 7-on-7 events in Concord with “Dimes Vs. Defense” on March 25 at Mt. Diablo High.

In fact, Dimes Vs. Defense is the third of four qualifiers for the Quick 6 Golden Great 7-on-7 Championship on April 22 at City College of San Francisco. In addition, there are four qualifying spots up for grabs at each of the four events. Concord also hosted the first one, “Air To The Throne,” on Feb. 17.

That event sold out by attracting the maximum 20 teams. Dimes Vs. Defense is looking to do the same.

Another key point, both events are sponsored by Visit Concord, SportStars Magazine, Gamebreaker Headgear, Football University, Adam Dailey Clothing and Drip Drop hydration drink.

Furthermore, these events will feature the top high school football players (ages 14-18) from throughout California.

A quick guide to 7-on-7 football:

• Each possession starts 40 yards from the end zone. First downs is when a player reaches the 25-yard line and the 10-yard line. However, the offense only gets three downs to convert, instead of the typical four. A quarterback has just 3.7 seconds to pass from the time he gets the ball. Or it’s considered a sack.

• An offensive player is down when a defensive player completes a one-hand touch on the receiving player’s torso. Additionally, head touches or touches from the legs on down are not considered a tackle. There is also no blocking allowed.

• Touchdowns are six points, and offenses can try a one-point conversion from the 3-yard line or a two-point conversion from the 10-yard line.

• Furthermore, defenses can score as well. Interceptions are three points and forcing a turnover on downs earns two points.

• Lastly, each team has at least three games in the events. Two pool play games and at least one game in single-elimination bracket play. Pool play games last 20 minutes and bracket play games are 22 minutes, each with running clocks.

Learn more about 7-on-7 high school football and the various Quick 6 events by visiting

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