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Farm to Table: What’s The Best Produce to Eat in October?

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What’s The Best Produce to Eat in October? Try eating Farm to Table. We often get stuck in a rut, eating the same old foods day after day, week after week. Studies show that our grocery lists have the same foods on them time after time after time. This fall, you can change things up by eating foods that are in season. Eating produce when it’s in season is a great way to give your body a variety of nutrients throughout the year; it’s easier on the budget, and it tastes better too!

Here’s a list of what’s available in October:









Sweet Potatoes





Brussels Sprouts


Winter Squash


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Farm to Table Nutrition

Fresh produce, when picked in season, is ripe and fully developed. It will be packed with nutrients, including antioxidants, all of which are beneficial for athletes. Add some vegetables such as squash, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower to homemade casseroles for warm, healthy, comfort-food dinners.

Seasonal Produce is Economic

Because there is an abundance of the produce in season, the prices will drop, making these fruits and vegetables more affordable. Check out your local farmer’s market or the grocery store ads to get your best prices.

October Produce is Delicious

Fruits and veggies that are in season simply taste better. They are fresher, sweeter and have optimal flavor. October produce is colorful too, which adds to the enjoyment of eating them. Try an apple cranberry crisp for dessert one night, or make a beautiful fruit salad with oranges, figs and blackberries.

Farm to Table Adds Variety

Eating produce in season allows for you to be creative and enjoy variety. Whether you are trying a different type of apple, tasting a persimmon for the first time, or following a new recipe for a homemade soup, your body will be enjoying different tastes and textures and additional nutrients to keep you healthy and strong.

Have fun exploring these seasonal foods, and enjoy the health benefits you’ll get from eating them. It’s the best produce to eat in October!

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