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Sound Running hosts Pro Runners 10,000m Race

Sound Running hosts a 10,000 in LA on Feb 20th.

The TEN on February 20th was one of the best 10,000m races in U.S. history!

If you follow track and field you may have noticed that the Olympic Trials, originally scheduled for last year will be held in Eugene, Oregon in June. Athletes must have a “time” to qualify. Because meets have been few and far between during the pandemic, Sound Running and some meet directors in the west have organized a series where athletes can take a shot at getting their time. The first of the series was Saturday in Los Angeles, when Sound Running hosts a 10,000m race for Pro Runners.

$3500 to Elise Cranny – $1500 to Karissa Schweizer (#3 and #4 U.S. Performances All-Time)

$3500 to Marc Scott – $1500 to Grant Fisher (#5 and #6 U.S. Performances All-Time)

Sound Running 10,000m Race

Elise Cranny winning the women's TEN

Elise goes 30:42.42 in the TEN


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Mens results from the TEN

Marc Scott wins the TEN

Women's results for the TEN in Los Angeles

Women’s Results


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Feature image: Marc Scott and Grant Fisher go 1-2 in Sound Running-LA

About Sound Running. The Sound Running (directors of the 10 [Pro Runners 10,000m Race] mission is to Improve the sport we love and Inspire runners everywhere. This means giving back to the community through our events and helping ALL runners achieve their goals with smarter training. The Sound Running team combines for over 30 years experience helping athletes become Olympians, win U.S. Titles, World Medals, and set World Records. We are also still learning every day from YOU, and will continue to evolve and provide opportunities for runners.


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