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Golfer DeChambeau Wins 100th Trans-Miss Championship Golfer DeChambeau Wins 100th Trans-Miss Championship
Bryson DeChambeau ramped up his summer of golfing success by rolling to a five-shot victory in the 110th Trans-Mississippi Championship presented by TaylorMade-Adidas Thursday... Golfer DeChambeau Wins 100th Trans-Miss Championship

Bryson DeChambeau ramped up his summer of golfing success by rolling to a five-shot victory in the 110th Trans-Mississippi Championship presented by TaylorMade-Adidas Thursday at the Meadow Club.

Just a few weeks after finishing second in the California State Amateur, the Modesto native and current Clovis resident captured his first tournament victory since high school.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s been a long time coming, but this one feels so sweet,” he said after the short par putt for the win, highlighted by a small wave and large smile.


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DeChambeau Golfing Honors

DeChambeau, who earned Conference USA Freshman of the Year honors for the SMU Mustangs this spring, shot a final round 69-266 total, 14-under-par. He joins fellow SMU golfer Kelly Kraft, who captured the Trans-Miss title in 2011.

Former University of Arkansas golfer Austin Cook from Jonesboro, Arkansas tied for second with Jeremy Sanders, Chatsworth, California with a 9-under 271 total. Cook shot a final round 70, Sanders had a closing 68.

At one time in the morning third round, DeChambeau had a seven-shot lead, but it slowly began to dwindle. With a bogey on his final hole of the morning round, his lead was down to three shots over Corey McElyea and four over Cook, five better than Cal NCAA champion Max Homa.

After nine holes in the afternoon round, DeChambeau’s lead was down to two shots to Homa, who has played the Alister MacKenzie classic layout hundreds of time as his college home course.

But after Homa bogeyed No. 11, the lead was back up to three shots and DeChambeau lead by five after 15 holes and enjoyed a drama-free back nine stroll.

“When I made bogey on No. 11 and then didn’t make birdie on 12 or 13 that really put me behind the 8-ball on the back nine,” Homa said. “It’s not what I wanted for this week, but I had four rounds at par or better so I can’t be too disappointed.”

Homa, who plans to turn pro later this summer, will be in the amateur Porter Cup in two weeks and will make his Tour debut in August in Pittsburgh. He will also play in the U.S. Amateur next month and hopes to make the U.S. Walker Cup team before turning pro.

He wound up finishing tied for fourth with Santa Cruz’s Corey McElyea with an 8-under 272.

Cook’s second place finish was one place higher than last year’s third place standing.

“I played good today, but I didn’t take advantage of my opportunities. Holes 1-3 just killed me today. I never got those figured out,” he said.

McElyea will return to another season playing college golf for USF with plenty of confidence from his Trans-Miss showing.

“I’m ready to keep playing. I didn’t achieve my goal to win, but I played well for four days and that is important.’

 The 111th Trans-Miss Championship will be staged next July at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

110th Trans-Mississippi Golf Championship Meadow Club  Fairfax, CA

July 9-11,2013

1              Bryson DeChambeau, Clovis – 65-65-67-69–266

T2           Austin Cook, Jonesboro – 65-69-67-70–271

T2           Jeremy Sanders, Chatsworth – 68-69-66-68–271

T4           Cory McElyea, Santa Cruz – 62-73-65-72–272

T4           Max Homa, Valencia – 65-70-67-70–272

T4           Charlie Saxon, Tulsa – 71-69-66-66–272

7              Andrew Buchanan, Los Altos Hills – 69-71-66-67–273

T8           Brandon Hagy, Westlake Village – 65-71-69-69–274

T8           Paul Smith, Turlock – 68-69-67-70–274

T8           Alex Franklin, San Rafael – 69-68-68-69–274

T8           Wyndham Clark, Greenwood Village – 70-70-65-69–274

T12         Trevor Simsby, Carlsbad – 65-71-70-69–275

T12         Curtis Reed, Castroville – 66-71-68-70–275

T12         Clancy Waugh, North Palm Beach – 67-71-65-72–275

T12         Finley Ewing IV, Dallas – 69-67-69-70–275

T16         Brian Campbell, Irvine – 67-72-68-69–276

T16         Jonathan Sanders, Chatsworth – 70-70-69-67–276

T18         Chris Worrell, Enid – 66-72-69-70–277

T18         Tyler Raber, El  Macero – 71-71-69-66–277

T20         Vaughan McCall, Gore – 68-70-71-69–278

T20         Ryan Burgess, Rancho Santa Fe – 70-70-64-74–278

T22         Sam Smith, Turlock – 68-72-68-71–279

T22         Jim Liu, Smithtown – 71-70-68-70–279

T22         Cameron Jones, Auckland – 71-71-67-70–279

T25         Johnathan Schnitzer, Houston – 61-73-75-71–280

T25         Steven Kearney, Carlsbad – 68-73-70-69–280

T25         Miguel Delgado, Novato – 69-69-71-71–280

T25         Ben Geyer, Arbuckle – 69-70-72-69–280

T25         Andrew Lister, Katy – 72-67-73-68–280

T30         Logan McCracken, Oklahoma City – 67-73-71-70–281

T30         Brian Jung, Corvallis – 68-72-70-71–281

T30         Matt Mabrey, Little Rock – 71-69-73-68–281

T30         Christian Cichan, Charlotte – 72-67-71-71–281

T30         Ryan Han, Hollister – 72-68-73-68–281

T35         Santiago Gavino, Austin – 67-75-67-73–282

T35         Eric Sugimoto, San Diego – 70-71-72-69–282

T37         Wesley McClain, Diboll – 66-73-72-72–283

T37         Cody McManus, Phoenix – 72-70-71-70–283

T37         Sean Walsh, Keller – 73-64-75-71–283

T40         Rak Cho, Eugene – 66-71-74-73–284

T40         Jack Mulroy, Fresno – 70-69-72-73–284

T40         Rufie Fessler, Bakersfield – 70-71-69-74–284

T40         Kevin Dougherty, Murrieta – 71-71-71-71–284

T40         Michael Garretson, Acworth – 72-69-70-73–284

T45         Lorens Chan, Honolulu – 66-71-74-74–285

T45         Max Mcgreevy, Edmond – 67-72-75-71–285

T45         Matt Pinizzotto, Salinas – 68-73-73-71–285

T48         Austin Smotherman, Loomis – 66-74-76-70–286

T48         Mitchell McLeroy, Mansfield – 70-72-70-74–286

T50         Patrick Grimes, Palo Alto – 71-69-75-72–287

T50         Walker Huddy, Studio City – 73-67-71-76–287

52           David Kim, Redondo Beach – 68-73-74-73–288

53           Brian Knoll, El Dorado Hills – 69-73-73-74–289

T54         Andrew Morgan, Long Beach – 69-69-80-72–290

T54         Robert Funk, Canyon Lake – 72-66-79-73″”290

Missed Cut

T56         Jack Perry, Santa Barbara – 69-74

T56         Eli Cole, Beverly Hills – 69-74

T56         Dalan Refioglu, Foster City – 69-74

T56         Byron Meth, San Diego – 70-73

T56         Pace Johnson, Fresno – 71-72

T56         Michael Brockington, Laguna Niguel – 71-72

T56         Stuart Smallwood, Paris – 73-70

T56         Matt Seramin, San Geronimo – 74-69

T64         Alex McMahon, Oro Valley – 70-74

T64         Andrew Ertel, The Woodlands – 72-72

T64         Ryan Zech, Kearney – 73-71

T64         Cody Robinson, Discovery Bay – 74-70

T64         Will Zalatoris, Plano – 75-69

T69         Joshua Granger, Monrovia – 69-76

T69         Andrew Wyatt, Midland – 70-75

T69         Mills Rendell, Winnetka – 71-74

T69         James Yoon, Bradenton – 73-72

T69         Stephen Summers, Dallas – 73-72

T69         Troix Tonkham, Arleta – 73-72

T69         Keelan Kilpatrick, Berkeley – 74-71

T69         Joseph Ryon, Carlsbad – 75-70

T69         Nick Thomas, Westlake Villiage – 76-69

T78         Andrew J Biggadike, Belmont – 70-76

T78         Tommy Economou, Hillsborough – 70-76

T78         Matt Cohn, San Francisco – 72-74

T78         Travis Wilmore, Alexandria – 72-74

T78         Tanner Kesterson, Plano – 74-72

T78         Kalena Preus, Honolulu – 75-71

T78         David Bartman, Los Angeles – 77-69

T85         Jonny Baxter, Pleasanton – 69-78

T85         Harry Higgs, Overland Park – 69-78

T85         Sam Stevens, Wichita – 71-76

T85         Mason Casper, Mapleton – 71-76

T85         Graham Brockington, New York City – 72-75

T85         Alex Carney, Wichita – 72-75

T85         Nicolo Galletti, Phoenix – 73-74

T85         Will Flitcroft, Chico – 74-73

T85         Cameron Harrell, Colorado Springs – 75-72

T85         Ryan Kelley, The Woodlands – 76-71

T95         Eric Hallberg, Parker – 69-79

T95         Bucky Coe, Encinitas – 71-77

T95         Tom Spencer, San Francisco – 72-76

T95         Charlie Ewing, Dallas – 73-75

T95         Drew Miller, Thousand Oaks – 73-75

T95         Alex Higgs, Overland Park – 73-75

T95         Ben Juffer, West Des Moines – 74-74

T95         John Callahan, Hinsdale – 74-74

T95         Daniel Chian, Covina – 75-73

T95         Joe Sanders, Incline Village – 76-72

T105       David Fink, Kailua – 70-79

T105       Johnny Partridge, Belvedere – 72-77

T105       Scott Newell, Katy – 72-77

T105       Ed Sanchez, San Antonio – 74-75

T105       Vincent Martino, Southlake  – 76-73

T110       Matthew Negri, El Cajon – 73-77

T110       Nick Sako, Menlo Park – 73-77

T110       Sarosh Adi, Frisco – 74-76

T110       Evan McLeod, Pebble Beach – 74-76

T110       Brent Brockermeyer, Brentwood – 74-76

T110       Kevin Kobalter, San Rafael – 75-75

T110       Alex Bungert, Moraga – 75-75

T110       Luke Vivolo, Carmel – 76-74

T110       Jonathan Hauter, Morton – 77-73

T119       Stephen Griggs, Sacramento – 72-79

T119       William Brueckner, Walnut Creek – 75-76

T119       Kraig McLeod, Pebble Beach – 75-76

T119       Ben Corfee, El Macero – 75-76

T119       Scotty Raber, El  Macero – 76-75

T119       Greg Cesario, San Marcos – 76-75

T125       Jay Burlison, Salinas – 74-78

T125       Henry Cassriel, Orinda – 76-76

T125       Daniel Trevino, Dallas – 80-72

T128       Clayton Madey, West Linn – 75-78

T128       Joe Beck III, Austin – 81-72

T130       Mark Mance, Whitefish – 75-79

T130       Conner Schrock, Mission Hills – 79-75

T132       Andrew Bonner, Ripon – 73-82

T132       Peter Thomsen, Greenbrae – 77-78

T134       Jesse Droemer, Houston – 75-82

T134       Ross Thornton, Leawood – 76-81

T134       Keegan English, Stanford – 78-79

T134       Joe Bendetti, Austin – 79-78

138         Daniel Candler, Atlanta – 80-78

T139       Kyle John, Monterey – 75-84

T139       Tyler Engel, Castle Rock – 78-81

141         Ari Rieger, Mill Valley – 75-85

142         Johnny Macarthur, Newhall – 67-DQ

143         Jonathan De Los Reyes, Antioch – 70-WD

144         Mac McClung, Fremont – WD

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