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LIST: NorCal Olympians (Tokyo 2020/21)
Wondering How Many Current Olympians Graduated From NorCal High Schools? This Might Be The List You’re Looking For • TOP PHOTO: Drew Holland, Men’s Water Polo, Miramonte-Orinda ’14 With every Olympics it’s fun to root for Team USA. It’s even more fun when you know the specific athletes are... Read more
#NeverStop Project | Calling On Sports Passion In A Time Without Sports
As COVID-19 Keeps Athletes & Coaches Stuck At Home, SportStars Is Asking Them To Share Their Passion For Sports Through Stories, Essays And More — A Call To #NeverStop • So here we are. Stuck at home. With no sports to play. No sports to watch. No definitive end to... Read more
2019 High School Cycling State Championships
If the photos above don’t tell the story of this years High School Cycling State Championships Race race nothing will! State Championships is an extremely competitive event by nature and given the growth of the two leagues, each having it’s own unique categories and structures, it only gets tougher... Read more
Rounding The Bend: SoCal League Faces Their Most Challenging Course
2019 SoCal Interscholastic Mountain Bike Racing Series ROUND FOUR Rounding the bend on the regular season, SoCal League student athletes finally made their way out to Keysville to face the most challenging course of the year. Roller coaster single track, steep climbs accented by gusting head winds, and plenty of... Read more
Hannah Jorgensen- Cycling SportStar of the Week
NorCal High School Cycling League points leader, Hanna Joprgensen takes home SportStar of the Week honors Hannah Jorgensen, a 4.0 student and relentless cyclist, entered the second week of May as the overall points leader in the Sophomore Girls Division of the NorCal High School Cycling League. Jorgensen competes... Read more
3 Best Outdoor Sports For Beginners
If you look at life, everything that is valuable is just around some kind of door. At first it might be hidden, but once when you open them, the beauty of something new starts. It is the same thing with outdoor sports. Those metaphoric doors could be keeping you... Read more
Tales from the Dirt Zone SoCal Mountain Bike Racing Series
Tales from the Dirt Zone: Round Two What a weekend at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA! It was round two of the 2019 SoCal Interscholastic Mountain Bike Racing Series at Vail Lake presented by Around the Cycle. The racing season is now careening towards its mid point with only three events... Read more
Granite Bay Grinder Rides Again
More than 1,500 high school mountain bike riders throughout the state are gearing up for their second race of the NorCal High School Cycling League season, aptly dubbed, the Granite Bay Grinder! The Granite Bay Grinder, NorCal League’s race #2, takes place at the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area... Read more
Fun at the Fort. Cycling League Gets its Pedals Grinding
Oh It’s On. Fun at the Fort Race Kicks Off NorCal League 2019 Mtn. Biking Season After a long, rainy winter the warm sunshine and blue skies of Monterey were a welcome change of pace, and the perfect setting for Race #1. Fun at the Fort. High school student-athletes were... Read more
SoCal Cycling League Share the Ride
SoCal League Executive Director Matt Gunnell wishes you a Happy Holiday. He also wishes you could see the immense joy on his 1200 riders faces when they take on the tracks in his SoCal League interscholastic mountain bike program. The league, organized in 2008 to provide a well-defined race season for... Read more
NorCal MTB Cycling League Gears Up for CycleFest
NorCal MTB Cycling League is racing towards it’s Annual Gala and Auction. On January 26, 2019, NorCal rolls out the red carpet for CycleFest, in support of its high school cycling league. The NorCal High School Cycling League was organized in 2001 to provide quality mountain biking programs for students... Read more
Granite Bay Triathlon Turning 21 In August
Tri, Tri Again! If you know about triathlon, that headline will resonate! It takes a lot of training, skill and mental toughness to race in a Tri, none the least this one. The Granite Bay Triathlon! On Saturday, Aug. 25, Total Body Fitness Racing will host one of their biggest... Read more