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USM Defensive Back Senior Football Player MJ Daniels Killed Off-Campus
The University of Southern Mississippi is mourning the loss of the Golden Eagles defensive cornerback Marcus “MJ” Daniels. Daniels was fatally shot Tuesday night off-campus. It’s reported that the incident occurred at the Ivy Row apartment complex in Hattiesburg. Daniels was found inside his parked vehicle outside the apartments... Read more
Apple watchOS 11 To Feature Training Load And Rest Days
Apple’s latest smartwatch update focuses on health and fitness features including one to help progress training, a new app for tracking vitals, and a new feature for rest days. Apple announced all the new features slated with the release of watchOS 11 at its WWDC keynote on Monday, June... Read more
Best Sports Drinks For Staying Hydrated This Summer
Hydration is key during sweaty summer workout sessions. Whether attending a sports summer camp, playing games with friends, or taking part in meets, races, or tournaments, athletes need to replenish those electrolytes lost when giving it your all. Staying hydrated is essential for staying on top when it comes... Read more
Peloton Now Provides Pet Workouts For Dog Parents
Our dogs are not just pets—they are more like family. This means constantly spending time with and sharing experiences with our furry friends. Peloton is making us the best pet parents we can be because it just launched its first-ever pet-themed workouts. Peloton’s Pet-Friendly Fitness Collection includes a curated... Read more
Peloton Launches 10 New Classes For Global Running Day 2024
June 5, 2024, is the day to go for a run. And Peloton is joining in on the action with a total of ten classes including two live options. Peloton was originally known for its indoor spin bike. However, it’s expanded with its extensive library of classes including strength... Read more
NorCal Baseball: Tempers Flare as Granada Completes Hat Trick Over De La Salle
Even without a walk-off, the third installment between the Matadors and Spartans was must-see theater. There was no need for extra innings, no walk-off, no marathon affair split across two days at two different sites. But Granada’s 5-0 win over De La Salle in the Northern California Division I... Read more
Gear Up For Global Running Day With These Products
Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 5, and runners across the globe will celebrate their love and passion for the sport and get out of log some miles. To prepare for the running holiday, having the essential running gear is a must. This includes everything from running sneakers to... Read more
RRAC Summer Camp Helps Running Goal Of Going Pro

The Road Runners Club of America is set to help runners take one step closer to going pro. Help by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), the Run Pro Camp takes place July 11 to July 13, 2024, in Arlington, Virginia. The RunPro summer camp will educate runners... Read more
Essential Equipment To Pack In Gym Bag
Joining a club or organized sport is a great way to be physically active, work on athletic skills, and connect with others with similar interests. Whether you are signing up for soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, or track, there are some essential gear and equipment to pack for each training... Read more
Hi-Top Hoops Las Vegas Legacy Basketball Tournament Set For July
Basketball players looking to showcase their skills can register their team for the 2024 Hi-Top Hoops Las Vegas Legacy tournament series this summer. Set during the Division 1 “live” evaluation period for college coaches, players have the opportunity to hit the court and compete during this upcoming tournament series... Read more
FitBit’s New Youth Smartwatch Aims To Increase Physical Activity
Fitbit is set to launch a new smartwatch geared specifically to encourage youth to get up and move in its quest to increase physical activity. The Fitbit Ace LTE is the latest smartwatch to hit the market that will allow youth athletes to track their exercise and steps. But... Read more
These Are The Best Sports To Help Runners With Endurance
Track and field season is coming to a close but runners know that the dedication to the sport continues post-track season. Not going for a run for many runners is just not an option. While all runners need to do is lace up and hit the pavement, track, or... Read more