LIST: NorCal Olympians (Tokyo 2020/21)
Wondering How Many Current Olympians Graduated From NorCal High Schools? This Might Be The List You’re Looking For • TOP PHOTO: Drew Holland, Men’s Water Polo, Miramonte-Orinda ’14 With every Olympics it’s fun to root for Team USA. It’s even more fun when you know the specific athletes are... Read more
3 Rugby Tips and Videos: Stabilizing Strength Exercises
Rugby Tip of the Month – At Home Strength Exercises I’m extremely grateful for Coach Ed Cosner sharing some Tight 5 wisdom for last month’s segment, but this month I want to show some love to the real work horses around the pitch: numbers 6, 7, 8, 12 and... Read more
#NeverStop Project | Calling On Sports Passion In A Time Without Sports
As COVID-19 Keeps Athletes & Coaches Stuck At Home, SportStars Is Asking Them To Share Their Passion For Sports Through Stories, Essays And More — A Call To #NeverStop • So here we are. Stuck at home. With no sports to play. No sports to watch. No definitive end to... Read more
How do you prepare for game day?
Rugby Tip of the Month – So how do you prepare for game day? As a high school athlete preparing to take the next step into college rugby, one of the biggest challenges I hear from college coaches is having new players show up unable to manage themselves without... Read more
Are You Fit? Take this Quick Fitness Test
Are You Fit? Here’s a quick and easy (well) way to find out. Get outdoors and take this 5-minute quick fitness test. An area that players can take ownership of, is their fitness. So, how can you tell if you are fit? Take  this quick fitness test! SportStars INSIDER,... Read more
Bay Area 75 Rankings: 2018-19
We Reveal Our Annual Ranked Countdown Of The Bay Area Athletes Of The Year For The 2018-19 School Year • Below are the first 55 athletes from our seventh annual Bay Area 75 — SportStars’ rankings of the top 75 Bay Area athletes of the year from 2018-19. The Top... Read more
Rugby Chat with Coach Carlson, Quinnipiac University Women’s Rugby Champions Women’s College Rugby in the U.S. is expanding at a rapid clip. As a result there are close to 20 teams who have gone NCAA (NIRA) and more to come! Therefore many prospective students and families have lots of... Read more
Cal, Life to Meet in D1A Nationals at Santa Clara
California and Life University To Meet in National Championship  For the second time in two years, The Life University Running Eagles (Marietta, GA) and The California Golden Bears will meet in the D1A Rugby National Championship.  Cal and Life have been two of the most dominant programs in collegiate rugby... Read more
Be Recruited by a College Coach. 3 Ways to Stand Out
High School Rugby Tournaments, as well as camps and clinics, are continuing to grow as the best places to be recruited by a college rugby (or other sport) coach. Top tournaments attract the cream of the crop. Meaning a big chunk of the nation’s top talent can be found... Read more
Back 3 (Wings & Fullbacks) We are kicking off a monthly series that will highlight exercises aimed at benefiting specific positions on the field. These position specific exercises are not exclusive to just one position. Certain of them can especially help specific positions improve areas where they are most... Read more
How to Choose a Summer Rugby Camp
I know we are in the middle of winter, but before you know it, summer will be upon us! With so many amazing rugby camps now being offered (with many selling out quickly!), it is becoming more important to look ahead and plan for your child’s summer rugby camp experiences.... Read more
USA Rugby National Teams Massive Weekend
USA National Teams log massive weekend with two medals and seven individual benchmarks in rugby USA today reported their National teams recorded a massive weekend in international rugby with ten achievements across three national teams in sevens and fifteens. From Thursday, Jan 31 to Sunday, Feb 3 the... Read more