Is Sports Betting Legal in California?
Not yet, but you can bet it’s coming. Paid College Athletes and Sports Betting Present Big Changes for California Sports. Two significant changes are on the horizon for California sports in 2020. The recent move to allow payments to NCAA college athletes and a fall approval of sports betting... Read more
SPAAT Announces The 2019 OAKLAND ESPY AWARDEES A spat (common in sports, popularized by football) is an over-the-cleat ankle tape job that provides support to the ankle, allowing the player to better control his/her body movement and overall athletic performance. Usually, it is part of the player’s ritual of... Read more
Find Success And Value In Hosting Your Sporting Event In Concord
Hosting Your Event In Concord Means Getting Variety Of Support, Including Cash Incentives.  So you want to host a sporting event in the Bay Area. There’s a lot that goes into that obviously, especially cost and an immense amount of I-dotting and T-crossing. Visit Concord wants to help you... Read more
Placer County Pentathlon Returns
Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to compete in a pentathlon? Well now is your chance to find out! The second installment of the Placer County Pentathlon is returning to Rocklin on Saturday, Jan. 27 at Sierra College and registration is currently open. Placer Valley... Read more
Fitness FRENZY Ups Mt. Diablo
Concord Helps Host Pair Of Fitness Forward Events In October, November Get your step counter on. It’s time to get ready for the eighth running of the Diablo Summit Stump. A 30K marathon where the Mount Diablo summit is only the halfway point. The event, which is staged out... Read more
There’s a Sport for That, it’s Curling!
Yes, there’s a sport for everything! Well, in all fairness, we were introduced (reintroduced if you were to Google it) to Curling at the 2014 Olympics. Yep, it’s a sport — and it looks fun! Kind of like Bocce on ice! Wine Country Curling Club (WCCC) is counting down... Read more
The Ultimate Spectator Sport
USA Ultimate College Championships Sail into Placer Valley. Placer Valley Tourism is thrilled to be teaming up with USA Ultimate again after a year hiatus, to bring not one but two exciting tournaments to Maidu Park this month.  First up is the NorCal Division I College Men’s and Women’s... Read more
Making Our List, Checking It Twice
   We’ve almost reached the end to another calendar year. Which is always a little weird in the world of high school sports because we’re only through a third of the academic year. So when it’s naturally a time to reflect back, it feels off because you’re considering two... Read more
   I’ve played all sorts of sports: Football, baseball, basketball, and I just don’t get cross country. It doesn’t even seem like a sport at all. You get out there and you don’t even run fast — you just jog. What kind of athletic skill does it take to... Read more
Assessing the NorCal Sports Landscape
One Month In. And just like that, September was gone. Our first full month of the 2016-17 year in high school athletics was a pretty eventful one. This is always a time of year where I like to use this space to take note of what we’ve learned about... Read more
Montaz Thompson
SportStar Of The Week | Pittsburg | Football | Senior • The Pirates senior running back continued his monster start to the season on Sept. 9 when he rushed for 379 yards and four touchdowns to lift Pittsburg to a 48-25 win over visiting Serra-San Mateo. Thompson wasted no... Read more
Doubling Down On Teaming Up
   Back in 2013, when we first partnered with Mark Tennis and Cal-Hi Sports, I wrote a column here announcing that it was a no-brainer. And to what should be nobody’s surprise, Mark’s columns, notes and rankings have been a great, and reliable feature in our magazine each month... Read more