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Survival of the fittest. Active Edgeâ„¢ products can help give a body an edge while exercising or playing sports. They are embedded with a recipe...

Survival of the fittest. Active Edgeâ„¢ products can help give a body an edge while exercising or playing sports. They are embedded with a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies geared to specifically help increase performance, among other benefits. Clinical trials show when Active Edge is worn, 90% of people see the following average improvements:

  • 17% increase in flexibility
  • 8% increase in grip strength
  • Increased balance
  • Increased endurance

We’ve heard that before, right? So we had our teammate, Ryan wear the Active Edge for a few weeks then report back to us. Almost surprisingly, his review of the product is not what we expected!

When I first heard about the Active Edge bracelet, I had my doubts because bracelets that i’ve used in the past from other manufactures have never held up to what they promised and I was always disappointed. But, once I saw the Active Edge bracelet and tried it on, all those doubts quickly vanished. I truly love the look of the bracelet! I wear the matte black color and its overall perfect sizing makes it extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day “” and at night too. Just the other day, while biking home from SportStars, I felt more stable and confident in my riding. It was as if my balance instantly improved which is huge for someone like me who has a neurological condition (Charcot-Marie Tooth). Since wearing the bracelet, not only have I seen my balance improve but my endurance throughout the day has significantly increased. At the end of the day, the Active Edge bracelet’s superior construction along with some of its neat features (waterproof, marine grade stainless closure and break away pin) makes it, in my opinion, one of the best bracelets I have ever owned. Seriously, this bracelet is that good!

Active EdgeAnklet

Active Edgeâ„¢ is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edgeâ„¢ reacts very positively to help the human body perform at a higher level. Medical experts involved with our clinical trials believe when an Active Edgeâ„¢ product comes into close proximity with the body, it activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases blood flow and oxygen intake, while at the same time decreases inflammation, which all helps the body to perform at a more optimal level. This also helps the body to recover from exercise. For about $69, you can grab one for you and start wearing it today “”and give yourself an edge while working out or playing your sport! Ladies, there’s even an anklet version – very cool!

Better yet, get another one for Dad! Father’s Day is just a round the corner!

  • Embedded with our proprietary technology to help fight inflammation & pain, improve sleep & help the body perform at a more optimal level.
  • Embedded with our proprietary cutting edge technology
  • Made from super strong paracord.
  • Waterproof and quick drying. Will not mildew, fade or rot.
  • Break away pin included for safety.
  • Hand wash with soap when needed.
  • Available with either marine grade stainless closure or tough black matte nylon closure.
  • Sized for your wrist but each closure has 3 holes for adjusting.
  • Each product is custom handmade in America!
  • With standard shipping, most orders ship out within 3-5 business days. You can typically expect to receive your order within 7-10 business days after you place your order. Priority and overnight shipping available.
Call of click to order 1-800-971-3360; Active Edge
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