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It’s a great time to get out and ride – Here’s how to be safe  BY: LIZ ELLIOTT  The weather will stay nice enough...

It’s a great time to get out and ride – Here’s how to be safe 


The weather will stay nice enough through October to get out and ride, and you should get out there!! As the summer rounds off and fall begins, kids and parents are back to school and work, and are paying attention to start or end their days. The sun will be set- ting earlier, right around the time drivers are on their way home from work. All these factors mean cyclists need to be more vigilant about their own safety, especially at day break and dusk when visibility for drivers is lessened.

Safety Reminders for Road Riding:

›› Wear a helmet securely fastened to your head under the chin at all times.

›› Stay as far to the right of the road as safely possible for you. Leave space to your right in case

›› Do not make unnecessary or sudden swerves into traffic.

›› Make eye contact with driver when moving or turning, and smile. A smile goes a long way, and makes good relationships between cyclists and drivers

›› Ride consistently, and “hold your line.”

›› Ride single file when in groups.

›› No music or ear buds on group rides!

›› Your eyes are your most valuable safety equip- ment. Pay attention to what is happening around you.

›› Have fun! If you are having fun, you will be more re- laxed, more aware, and have more control of your bike.

As a driver, please pay attention to cyclists, but don’t go crazy. Pass safely for the cyclist and yourself. Don’t cross double yellow lines, or think you need to move so far left. A good cyclist will hold their line.

Cyclists and drivers need to work together to make the road a safe and fun place for us all.


Liz Elliott was an All-American collegiate swimmer and is the head coach at Tri-Valley Triathlon Club. 

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