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It’s the triathlete’s tune-up month. Here are some tips to make getting to February that much easier. TriSTEPS : Liz Elliott    Happy New...

It’s the triathlete’s tune-up month. Here are some tips to make getting to February that much easier.

TriSTEPS : Liz Elliott

   Happy New Year, and new triathlon season! Triathlon season is February through September, and officially begins February 1.    

   Most of you have been working out less. Even if you are seasoned athlete, you will be starting from a fitness level based on what you have been doing recently. Although you may be excited to get started, when beginning again, start at your current fitness level.  Here are some tips to get you started on a good note, and set up a great season:

1 — To stave off injury and illness, follow the three Ps: patience, pacing and persistence. 

2 — Plan out your entire season now. Set your goal races for the entire year. Decide what are your “A” races, and the “on the way” races to those races. With a plan and goals, you can then relax, and just take each practice day by day.  

3 — If you’ve spent the winter working on a treadmill and/or bike trainer, transition to an open trail or road slowly, alternate workouts with the machine. It allows your body to adapt.

4 — Early spring in California is usually cold, and late spring is usually wet. Keep your feet dry, and your body warm. Many thin layers of wicking clothes are better than a few thick layers. Shed layers as you warm up.

5 — Joining a team and having workout partners and coached practice can be great motivators for getting back into the swing of things. 

6 — Set up a good training pattern now, early in the season. 

7 — Do leg and core strength exercises at every practice early in the season.  Strengthening muscles now will help your body recover better now and through the season, as well as perform better especially in the run portion of triathlons.

Liz Elliott was an All-American collegiate swimmer and is the head coach at Tri-Valley Triathlon Club.    

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