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Four tips for keeping your New Year’s fitness goal from flaming out by February POWERED BY TRUCKS : Anthony Trucks     About this time...

Four tips for keeping your New Year’s fitness goal from flaming out by February

POWERED BY TRUCKS : Anthony Trucks 

   About this time of the year everyone is looking to get into the best shape of their lives — AGAIN. The problem is that they enter the same vicious cycle where they go strong for a little while and then, like a truck running out of gas, their drive comes to a sputtering halt. Why is this? 

   Well after almost 12 years of watching this happen over and over again, I have come to find some simple yet very effective solutions for people looking to get back into the weight room or gym overall, and get the body of their dreams.

>> WORK HARD, REST HARDER: When you grind out workouts you also grind down your body. Allow your body the time to recover in between workouts. You’ll get better workouts and therefore better results.

>> GET CONSISTENT: Plan everything. Plan your workout days and times, plan your workouts in advance to save time; plan your rest days; plan your nutrition, both in eating time and prepping time.

>> EAT BETTER: Notice I didn’t say perfect. Small improvements over time instead of full-blown changes have been shown to stick longer and create better change. So don’t make cold turkey switches in your diet. Instead make small changes in amounts of meals and content of those meals to keep the changes all year round

>> CELEBRATE SMALL SUCCESS: Yes, we want the big goal, but we MUST celebrate the progress to keep progressing. So if your goal is 20 pounds increase in strength, or 20 pounds decrease in weight, celebrate EVERY single pound along the way instead of constantly knocking yourself every step for not already being where you want to be.  

Now get out there and make life happen. Don’t wait for it to happen to you. 

Anthony Trucks is the owner of Trucks Training facility in Brentwood and covers weight training for SportStars.

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