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   If you happen to be, or have been, an athlete in any sport then you know how important it is for you to...

   If you happen to be, or have been, an athlete in any sport then you know how important it is for you to have the best season of your life every season. For me, the sport of choice was football. 

   I was blessed to be able to spend three years in the NFL before losing my career to a shoulder surgery. While I played, I definitely experienced years that were on the low side, and years that were the best seasons I had to that point. After the second great season, I wanted to know what made the seasons so great so that I could try to duplicate it every year from there forward. Below are the most important parts that aided me in having the best season ever.

   >> You have to prepare. Now when I say that, the first thought you have most likely is the physical preparation for the game, which is definitely huge, but not the only preparation. For me, the mental prep was just as important, if not more important. You see, with physical preparation you can put the body through a stress that it has experienced before. You know how to overcome a tough sprint or a heavy lift. It’s expected. 

   What’s not expected is the mental stressors you will inevitably run into. It’s not the person whose body doesn’t fail that will have the best season of their life, it’s the person whose mind won’t fail. This can be honed in by pushing through hard workouts while preparing for the season. Pushing through every hard situation you encounter strengthens your mind. The mind is like a muscle that way. 

   >> Never get comfortable. Approach every single practice and game as if it’s the first one and you are not a star. The only way to have the best season is to work harder than you ever have every time you get the chance. If for any reason you get too comfortable to work hard you will stop the progress to that higher place of success.

   >> Take care of your body. Spend the extra time to stretch and strengthen your body before, and during, the season. 

   >> Listen to your coaches. They will put you in the right places to make the plays. Keep your mind open and your ego LOW so that you can actually improve, play and MAKE plays. 

   >> Know WHY you’re playing. For me I grew up in foster care and my foster mom had MS. I played the game to prove to the world, and my biological mom, that I was worth more than was believed. I also played because I wanted to be the legs for my mom who was in a wheel chair because she deserved that level of success from the son she raised from 6 years old. When you know WHY you’re playing, then every single play becomes something to never be wasted. 

   That’s it. Now go and make this the best season you’ve ever played!!!! 

   Anthony Trucks is an IYCA-certified trainer who covers weight training for SportStars. 

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