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Tell your athlete to track that fly down and rob the other team of a home run – without worrying about crashing into cyclone...

Tell your athlete to track that fly down and rob the other team of a home run – without worrying about crashing into cyclone fencing and risking possible injury.


How? Glad you asked! Creative companies are the heart and soul of America and one such company, Grand Slam Safety, LLC of Croghan, NY with offices in California, provide an ingenious solution. Their safety net created specifically for your sports fields!

See SPECTO in action. Tap for video:

Cushion the Blow

SPECTO’s unique patented design cradles the player – whether jumping up against the fence or running into it at full speed – preventing them from coming into contact with any steel chain link mesh or poles. Players avoid injuries (often seen in youtube videos gone viral) or worse, in the emergency room: 

Impact of steel fence and post collisions:

rigid steel post impacts result in significant deceleration injuries

      =blunt abdominal and thoracic trauma with organ injuries

      =blunt head trauma with potential for skull fractures and TBI / concussion

      =extremity fractures and soft tissue injuries (muscle contusion, joint sprains(ligamentous injury)

Here’s one such example – not overly graphic!: [YouTube Video]

-even large open mesh pattern of steel fence “mesh” prone to extremity entanglement

     =upper extremity joint dislocations and sprains

     =lower extremity sprains, dislocations and fractures from entanglement with “serrated”  bottom of fence

     =penetrating soft tissue injuries to head/face, extremities and torso from irregular/protruding metal on fence tops and bottoms, post tops, and wire fasteners

     =Spinal injuries including fractures, spinal cord/nerve injuries; and more. YUK!


Coaches, you’re concerned with Safey, yes? SPECTO’s got that covered. Coaches, players and parents need not worry about athletes running into fences (or over fences for that matter!) which allows the game to be played the way it should be. (No Holding Back). Your strategy can be “Steal the home run” — without concerns of getting hurt.

As a bonus, these safety fences are 7 and 8’ high, and with sponsors flags on right and left field posts, result in an 18’ high stadium! The ball field looks, feels & works like a big league field. So you get added value and pride in your field! 

The SPECTO Baseball and Softball Fencing System is a complete system, including foul poles, foul territory mesh and mesh supports, customized for any requirement.

Do your research and ask SPECTO your questions [here]

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