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How to Become CCIE R&S Certified with ExamSnap How to Become CCIE R&S Certified with ExamSnap
With the meteoric rise of technology, it’s an intelligent move to steer your student-athlete toward high tech. That’s assuming a D1 college coach isn’t... How to Become CCIE R&S Certified with ExamSnap
It’ might be a tad early for your youngster to apply for the high-level engineering certifications this article addresses, but ExamSnap speaks to the urgency and need for technology engineers. High-value positions achieved with the right preparation.
The next time you talk to your college counselor, consider what they offer in the way of Internet tech courses of study.

General overview to Network 

CCIE R&S (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching) is an expert-level credential specifically designed for engineers with a passion for planning, operating and troubleshooting both complex and converged network infrastructures. It is a globally known credential offered by Cisco. CCIE R&S equips IT professionals with the utmost skills and knowledge in implementing services that are cost-efficient to their business partner-clients. CCIE R&S certified professionals are considered the most competent when it comes to routing and switching of a network enterprise.

Certification Description

The CCIE R&S certification can only be achieved by following a certification process correctly. As for its credential, there are no formally-defined prerequisites. However, you must pass two exams in particular:

  1. CCIE 400-101 Written Exam

This is a two-hour closed book qualification exam that is only taken at a Pearson VUE authorized testing center. It utilizes the combination of multiple choice questions as well as simulation. It covers networking concepts and equipment commands that form the basis of the lab exam.

  1. CCIE Lab Exam

It is an eight-hour lab exam that tests your understanding of configuring and troubleshooting actual network equipment in a timed test situation. It is taken within a period of 18 months after passing the CCIE written exam. If  you were to fail this exam, you have to retake it within 12 months after the first attempt. Otherwise, if you fail to pass the lab exam within 3 years of passing the written exam, you must retake the written exam before being allowed to attempt the lab exam again.


CCIE R&S certified professionals are required to re-certify every two years. An active CCIE R&S status shows you are commitment and dedicated in maintaining the expert-level skills and knowledge in an industry that is rapidly advancing. You can comfortably re-certify using one of the options below:

  • Earn the minimum required credits by joining the Cisco Continuing Education Program
  • Pass the latest CCIE written or lab exam
  • Pass any current CCDE written or practical exam
  • And pass CCAr interview and CCAr board review to extend lower certification

How to pass CCIE R&S exams

As you already know, the CCIE R&S is an expert level credential. Therefore the exams are meant to test your mastery and skills in advanced routing and switching concepts. As a result, you need to prepare very well because your performance will define your level of competency. This article has been exclusively provided to you with valid techniques and ways to get the CCIE R&S credential.

  1. Go through the exam objectives

The exams are usually set according to exam objectives. As a candidate, you have to read through the exam objectives in order to understand what will be needed to understand before doing the exam. The exam objectives act as a guideline of your studies because they present the topics that you should get conversant with. Without knowledge of exam objectives, you might end up studying topics that have been removed from the curriculum.

  1. Identify problem areas

Go through the exam topics and identify where you have had difficulty in understanding the concepts presented. Thereafter, ensure that you dedicate much of your time in reading those key topics because questions might be set from the topics that you have less knowledge on.

  1. Consult and inquire

There are many concepts that you need to fully understand as you prepare for the CCIE R&S credential. It will be prudent to consult colleagues, instructors and experts who can help you build a solid understanding of what you need to pass the exams and ultimately boost your career. Truly, a problem shared is a problem solved.

  1. Take the lab sessions seriously

The lab sessions are meant to enlighten you with the practical skills that are highly beneficial in your career. The CCIE R&S credential has a separate eight-hour exam that tests your competency in configuring and troubleshooting actual network equipment. Therefore, you are required to understand every step that is demonstrated during all the lab sessions.

  1. Visit ExamSnap

To wind up your preparation, you can visit the most reliable provider of exam dumps- ExamSnap. The files downloaded from ExamSnap are the most valid and updated. A great number of people, such as real exam takers and IT experts make reliable authentication.

In addition, ExamSnap’s files are in VCE format, which means that they can be opened on the VCE Exam Simulator and allow you to train in nearly real exam environment, easing the prep process.

Moreover, ExamSnap offers you an instructor-led video training that has the lab session led by world-renowned instructors. The materials provided on the website will greatly enhance your preparation process.

Job opportunities

There are many job opportunities related to the CCIE R&S credential. Here are some that you can easily win after getting certified.

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Systems Engineer

Being CCIE R&S certified, you’ll get about $122,000 annually. That’s a good reason to boost your career, isn’t it?


The CCIE R&S credential shows your utmost understanding of routing and switching techniques. It is not hard to attain this expert-level certification, if you are well-prepared. Just ensure that you have the minimum requirements and follow the steps highlighted above during your prep. Use the most updated materials provided at ExamSnap.

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