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If you are looking to start throwing heat then it’s time to work on how to better improve pitching technique. No matter if you...

If you are looking to start throwing heat then it’s time to work on how to better improve pitching technique. No matter if you just are starting or if you are looking to level up with sights on the big leagues, all pitchers can benefit from learning new ways to enhance technique when on the mound. 

These are the pitching tips to help you level up your pitching game. It’s time to play ball. 

Pitchers who want to throw heat need consistency. Maintaining consistent pitching technique allows pitchers to control their pitches, keep batters off balance, and achieve success on the mound.

Master The Basics

Pitchers who want to throw heat need to master the basics. Stay consistent in grip, release point, and follow-through to deliver accurate pitches and maximize performance. 

Whether you’re throwing a fastball, change-up, or curveball, make sure you have a comfortable and consistent grip on the ball. Practice holding the ball with your fingertips and find a grip that feels right for you.

Identify where your hand is when you release the ball, and visualize your ideal release point before each pitch. Throw pitches from various distances and angles, and focus on repeating the same release point every time. Stay relaxed because tension can affect the pitch.

Fine Tune Mechanics

Good pitching mechanics are like the engine that drives your pitches. Proper mechanics, including a stable stance, balanced wind-up, and smooth arm action, all aid in a consistent release point.

Work on keeping the body balanced. Generate power from the core and legs. Movements should be smooth and fluid. 

Follow through on every pitch, extend the throwing arm, and rotate the body to complete the pitching motion fully. The follow through helps transfer momentum from the pitcher’s body to the ball. This allows the ball to have power and speed.

Mix Up Your Pitches

Experiment with different types of pitches to see which you execute the best. Pitches include fastballs, change-ups, curveballs, sliders, and sinkers or two-seam fastballs. But good pitchers know that switching up the pitch is the only to ensure strikeoutsHaving a diverse repertoire of pitches will keep batters guessing and give you the upper hand on the mound.

Work on Your Accuracy

When looking to increase your pitching technique, accuracy is keyVisualize exactly where the pitch is going to go. Focus on your target to help with precision. To further boost pitching performance, practice hitting the corners of the strike zone and throwing to different locations to keep batters guessing.

Build Strength and Stamina

To increase your pitching skills work on building strength and stamina. Work on adding strength training to help with conditioning. Muscle strength is needed to be able to be at the top of your game when throwing pitches. Work on the shoulders, back, and arms—making sure to work out both arms to keep the body balanced. Exercises that focus on the legs and core are also important to build power and endurance.

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Keep practicing, keep pushing yourself, and above all, have fun out there on the mound. With dedication and determination, you’ll be striking out batters and throwing heat in no time. 

Lauren Keating

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