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TRI steps : Liz Elliott    Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, or even a person who works out, YOU are a...

TRI steps : Liz Elliott

   Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, or even a person who works out, YOU are a very important person in sports, especially for your children, wife or husband. 

   Believe it or not, your support means so much to your family members and close friends in their fitness endeavors. Although they may take some razzing about their incessant running, biking, swimming or whatever, the athletes in your family will perform better with the more support they receive. Sports should be part of your life as a family, not take your family members from you. That goes both way.  

   How to be involved without being in the way: 

   >> Talk about time management with your athlete.  

   >> Encourage them to do something small every day. There will be times when your athlete is unmotivated by the weather or homework or something else going on. They’ll feel a lot better after the workout, and will actually be more productive in life tasks.  

   >> Don’t give advice you don’t know. This is not helpful, and rather it makes your athlete share less about their sport with you.  

   >> Go to the races or events. Be a fan of the most important people to you. Wear the team colors. Make signs and cheer. You’ll find out just how much you are loved by the smile on the face of your husband, wife, friend, and on your face. Spectating at a race or game is fun and rewarding for all involved.  

   >> Get active! You may not enjoy running, but there are tons of ways to be active. Go for a walk. Bike with your kids. Be active.  

   You’ll find that supporting your athletes leads to a satisfaction for them and you.

Liz Elliott was an All-American collegiate swimmer and is the head coach at Tri-Valley Triathlon Club.  


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