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Know & GO REWIND | ACL Tears And Recovery
Q&A: Renown Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Semon Bader Answers Our Questions On ACL Tears, The Recovery Process And Prevention Methods This is an edited transcript from our 2022 Know & GO Podcast series featuring physicians and trainers from Golden State Orthopedic & Spine. For our second ever episode of the... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 10: Lisfranc Fractures & Other Foot Injuries
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Abidi Returns To The Show For A 20-Minute Chat On Lisfranc Fractures, Plantar Fasciitis, Broken Toes And More • After spending an episode breaking down ankle sprains, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Abidi returns to the show to talk Lisfranc fractures and a varsity of other... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 9: Shoulder Dislocations
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Kanel Makes His First Appearance On The Show For A Talk On Shoulder Dislocations And Other Shoulder Injuries • For this episode, the show welcomes Golden State Orthopedic and Spine’s Dr. Jeffrey Kanel for a discussion on various shoulder injuries — most notably shoulder dislocations.... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 8: Ankles, Achilles & Toes
Dr. Murali Moorthy Joins The Show To Discuss Various Lower Extremity Injuries, Including High Ankles Sprains And Achilles Tears • In the newest episode of Know & GO we sit down with Golden State Orthopedics and Spine’s Dr. Murali Moorthy — a specialist in lower extremity injuries. Over a... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 7: Plotting A Return To Play
Golden State Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner Laura Davis Stops By To Talk About The Attention To Detail The Return To Play Process Requires • For our seventh episode, Know & Go host Chace Bryson welcomes the show’s first female guest — Laura Davis, a former elite swimmer for Stanford who’s... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 2: The Dreaded ACL Tear
We Welcome An Orthopedic Surgeon And Serra-San Mateo Football Star Hassan Mahasin To Discuss Knee Injuries And Dealing With A Torn ACL • In our second episode, Know & GO host Chace Bryson welcomes a pair of guests for a discussion on knee injuries — specifically the torn ACL... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 1: Armed & Ready
In The Debut Episode Of Our New Ask-The-Expert Podcast, We Talk Arm Safety And Injury Prevention With Dr. Charles Preston • For the show’s first episode, one of the East Bay’s most renowned sports medicine practitioners as Dr. Charles Preston joins the show.  Dr. Preston is the head team... Read more
Good Stress: How Athletes Can Use Stress In A Good Way
Level Up Insider Erika Westhoff Details How Athletes Can Actually Use A Little Stress In Their Lives • Stress gets a lot of bad press these days. There’s no doubt that chronic stress can wreak havoc on our health and performance. And so many of my clients come to... Read more
Vocal Chord Dysfunction: When Stress Shuts Down Your Airway
Our Mental Skills Professional, Erika Westhoff, Breaks Down Vocal Chord Dysfunction In The Stressed Out Athlete • In my 20 years as a mental skills coach, there’s no doubt that stress is a bigger part of young athletes lives today — more than ever before. So much so, it’s... Read more
Can You Decrease Injuries by Increasing Your Rest?
Injuries can increase from fatigue. And fatigue is actually the most common cause of sports injuries. We put nearly zero time or effort into recovery. So, can you decrease injuries by increasing your rest? One thing that can be helpful is to understand that there are two sides to sports. Do... Read more
Video Shows Keys to Breakthrough Sports Performance
Last post, I sent you this link to the best webinar I’ve ever done. I made it for a coach who hired me for his team. In the video, I deliver to you the keys to breakthrough sports performance. This is how to clear the barriers! Performance = Potential – Interference... Read more
The Personal Development of Youth Athletes
Dr. Mark addresses Athlete Wellbeing The health and wellbeing of young athletes goes far beyond the physical dynamics involving sports. The current generation of youth athletes requires a holistic approach towards the wellbeing and development in athletics.  Assisting athletes in coping with sport-specific expectations, injury, anxiety, depression, conflict, communication... Read more