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Powered By Trucks : Anthony Trucks    If you are a fan of this column then you know that I usually write about weight...

Powered By Trucks : Anthony Trucks

   If you are a fan of this column then you know that I usually write about weight lifting, power training, and all that is involved with training the body for strength. 

   I am not going to stray from that topic too much with this article, but I want to go just a little bit deeper on this one. Many people who don’t lift weights or strength train see what I do as a waste of time, or a useless hobby, so to speak. I once heard a great saying while watching a TED talk that hit home so many years ago: “So many human beings see their body as a simple a way to carry their brains around.” 

   Man has always yearned for improvement, so why not improve the one thing that you cannot replace, your body? 

   For many, the weight room is more than a place with music, grunts, weights, sweat, and all the visceral accompaniments that you would usually attach to the act of weight lifting. Instead, it is where they find themselves. It is where they release their stress to gain clarity to better themselves and those around them. It is where they go to feel uplifted both mentally and physically from accomplishment. 

   It is for some, like me, where you get vulnerable enough to have your most heartfelt moments, as if the weight room is their “church.” Or better yet, their sanctuary from a cold world. It’s a place where you can get the STRENGTH to decide to make it better, by making YOURSELF better both physically and mentally.

Anthony Trucks is the owner of Trucks Training facility in Brentwood and covers weight training for SportStars.












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