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I always get comments about the fact that I must work out every day of the week to keep in shape. The truth is... POWERED BY TRUCKS: Get Lifted

I always get comments about the fact that I must work out every day of the week to keep in shape. The truth is that I don’t. I’m lucky if I get in 4 good workouts a week. I have a simple but powerful process I use to maintain or grow if/when I want to, or just maintain. 

It’s a workout structure that’s not mind shatteringly awesome, but it is simple and it does the job. I’m going to share it with you below because I realized over the last year-plus I’ve never shared an actual workout. Keep in mind every workout is after a thorough warm up

UPPER: This can be modified very easily based on your desire for the day

>> Chest exercise: (Bench, DB bench, incline bench, flys, decline bench, etc)

>> Day 1: 5×5 | Day 3 :12, 10, 8, 6, 4 (w/15 pushups in between sets)

>> Pull ups/downs: 4 x 8-12 (w/15 DB/BB shrugs between each set)

>> DB/BB Military press: 4×12 (or front raise)

>> Rows (cable, BB, bent DB, etc): 4 x 12

>> Tricep extensions: 4×12 w/ max dips between

>> Bicep curls: 4 x 12-15

>> Ab roll outs: 3 x 12 w/ 20 straight leg toe touches between sets

LOWER: I don’t lift too much on my lower for size, just strength, because after my NFL career my bottom half struggles to fit into jeans.

>> Squats: Day 2: 5×5 | Day 4: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4

>> Lunges: 4×8 each leg

>> Wall Sits: 4x1min

>> Walking calf extensions: 4×20 each leg

>> Sprints/runs: total 600-1,000 yds

>> Bicycle crunches: 4 x 20 each side

>> On butt feet up twists: 4 x 25 each side

This is the exact exercise routine that I use in the weight room every time I go. The great part is that there’s a lot of variety to be had within this program. This allows you to hit any goal you’d like whether its strength, power or muscle gain. If you’re looking for strength, then the goal is to increase the weight as much as you can and shoot for the lower rep ranges so that you can move the most weight without tiring out the muscles.

If you are looking for power then lower the weight from the range you’d use to gain strength and move the weights as fast as possible. This is not the most athletically designed program, but if done right you can still develop a great power base.

If your goal is muscular size, which at this point I want a little mix of size and maintaining it, then this program is perfect for you. I never want to be as big as I used to be, but skinny doesn’t look good on me. For size, shoot to move through every rep at its highest range with the most weight you can WITHOUT needing a spotter. It should be difficult and burn a lot towards the last 3-5 reps of each set.

A great way to track all of this is to do what I have done and makes life EASY. Download Google sheets to your smart phone. It’s like having an excel spreadsheet online. You then input all of your workout information into your phone and track the reps, sets, and weights you use every day at the gym. This way you can always see how your progressing and you don’t have to carry around a pen ad paper with you everywhere. 

You’ll get in and out of the gym faster and you’ll get an amazing progressing workout that will give you amazing results. 

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