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Secrets To Standing Out Secrets To Standing Out
   Believe It Or Not, You Can Make An Impression On College Coaches Without Filling A Stat Sheet. Get Mental : Erika Carlson  ... Secrets To Standing Out

   Believe It Or Not, You Can Make An Impression On College Coaches Without Filling A Stat Sheet.

Get Mental : Erika Carlson

   In today’s ultra-competitive, youth sport landscape, I.D. camps have become a big piece of the puzzle for those who seek to play at the collegiate level. 

   Many athletes are initially uncertain about how to perform in these camps: Do I focus on showing off my skills? What if the other players in the camp won’t pass me the ball? Should I pass or try and score? How do I stand out?  

   Over the last three years, I’ve spent many evenings sitting with college soccer coaches on recruiting educational panels, (check out iSoccerPath for info). We help families understand the recruiting process, and they are brought up to speed on Div. I, Div. II, Div. III, NAIA and even community college playing opportunities happen. 

   I always enjoy listening to coaches insights on players and it’s tremendously helpful for me to get a better understanding of what they are looking for in recruits. And, while the focus on these panels is soccer, the tips apply to all team sports. Ironically, I rarely hear coaches talk about talent. There are so many talented players out there today, coaches are looking for several other characteristics in their final list of recruits. Pay attention, many of these may surprise you.

   >> How team-oriented are you? “” Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to show a coach everything you know. You’re being recruited to play as a member of a team, coaches want to see that you prioritize that. 

   >> How do you handle mistakes? “” Mistakes happen. Coaches are VERY interested in how you handle them. Can you let go of mistakes and get back to work quickly? If so, this is a sign that you are mentally ready to move on to the next level. 

   >> How well do you communicate with teammates? “” Good communication is an indicator that your focus is strong and you are likely to be a positive contributor to the team.

   >> How adaptable are you to this new situation? “” Coaches like adaptability. It’s a sign of maturity and a sign that you are ready for the big transition into college life.  

   >> Are you likeable? “” If a coach is considering spending nearly everyday of the next four years with you, a good sense of humor, maturity and likeability go a long way on the coach’s consideration list.  

   Think about some of these general themes as you get ready for you camps. And good luck out there. 

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