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BRYSON: Summer Break BRYSON: Summer Break
So my 2-year-old son has a cast on his left arm. That’s the summer my family is having. In actuality, the kid is taking... BRYSON: Summer Break

So my 2-year-old son has a cast on his left arm.

That’s the summer my family is having.

In actuality, the kid is taking it like a champ. Though if he were any older he’d be livid to know how his older brother was sneaking out back to swim when he clearly couldn’t. We’re working on getting him one of those vacuum sleeves, but again, he’s 2, and the first size we tried — the small half-arm — looked like it could comfortably fit on his full leg.

Caden may or may not have an occult fracture in his elbow. Because there was some swelling and toddler bones don’t behave quite like those in order kids and adults, the prevailing thought was to cast it for three weeks just to be safe.

As frustrating as it was for my wife and I to endure the trip to the emergency room at 10:30 p.m. on the Fourth of July, as well as the subsequent orthopedic follow-up and casting, it has given me an appreciation for that side of the medical field — one that I know the athletes whom we cover see regularly.

I’ve been extremely fortunate so far in my life and remain the only one of my siblings not to suffer any broken bones. At least none that needed treatment. It was impressive to see how quickly they can cast things now, and that even took into account a fussy 2-year old.

If you’re an athlete who has needed orthopedic medicine recently, make sure you’re thanking these men and women who are getting you back on the field so quickly. Caden won’t remember any of the folks who’ve helped him, but if Dad’s inconvenience is only three weeks of avoiding taking his kid’s big blue club to the nose, I’m extremely grateful.

In other news, welcome to the heart of summer.

We like to mix things up around here this time of year and give some space to a few sports that don’t see a lot of it during the school year. Golf gets some love with our cover story on Danville’s Ty Akabane and her entry into the U.S. Women’s Open. We’ve also got some stories in the works on a young boxer from Martinez and a bass fishing duo out of Antioch. Yes, bass fishing.

So keep an eye out for those stories as we close out July and head into August.

Then, of course, it’s Football Time. Make sure you mark you calendars for Aug. 24 and the release of our eighth NorCal Football Preview — which will include a SoCal companion for the first time as well.

In the meantime, enjoy the long days of scorching weather. Hydrate! And stay out of the cast room if you can.


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