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As expected, the games did not disappoint. Here are the results of this year’s NorCal Tip Off Classic over Thanksgiving weekend. Game 1: Las... UPDATE: RESULTS FR 2017 NOR CAL TIP OFF CLASSIC

As expected, the games did not disappoint. Here are the results of this year’s NorCal Tip Off Classic over Thanksgiving weekend.

Game 1: Las Lomas 60, St. Ignatius 43

Leading Scorers: Las Lomas- Nathan Robinson 23

                               St. Ignatius- Darrion Trammell 17

Player of the Game: Nathan Robinson

Game 2: Berkeley 71, Dublin 68 in Overtime

Leading Scorers: Berkeley- Ben Baker 23

                               Dublin- Robbie Beasley 23

Player of the Game: Ben Baker

Game 3: Lincoln (Stockton) 77, Newark Memorial 57

Leading Scorers: Lincoln- Andre Kelly 17

                               Newark Memorial- Jamal Frenchwood 

Player of the Game: Andre Kelly

Game 4: San Joaquin Memorial 78, Moreau Catholic 67

Leading Scorers: San Joaquin Memorial- Dameane Douglas 36

                               Moreau Catholic- Amir Fields 16

Player of the Game: Dameane Douglas

Game 5: Folsom 75, St. Joseph-Notre Dame 49

Leading Scorers; Folsom- Eljay Gallegos 17

                              St Joseph-Notre Dame- Cameron Ba 17

Player of the Game: Mason Forbes of Folsom

Game 6: Rancho Christian 84, Capital Christian 63

Leading Scorers: Rancho Christian- Isaiah Mobley 28

                               Capital Christian- Zach Chappell 24

Player of the Game: Isaiah Mobley

Game 7: Bishop O’Dowd 58, Fairfax 56

Leading Scorers: Bishop O’Dowd- Naseem Gaskin 20

                               Fairfax- Jamal Hartwell Jr 22

Player of the Game: Naseem Gaskin



SportStars INSIDER, Gerry Freitas shares his insights –

Players to Watch at NorCal Tip Off Classic, Nov. 25th, Newark Memorial High School, Newark:

St. Ignatius:

6’1” Brandon Beckman 2018 DII
6’7” Neal Begovich 2019 DI/DII
6’1” Matt Redmond 2018 DII
6’7” Sam Nangle 2019 DI/DII
6’0” Wren Robinson 2019 DI
5’9” Darrion Tramell 2018 DI
6’5” Teddy Snyder 2018 DII

Las Lomas:

6’4” Nathan Robinson 2018 DI/D II
6’0” Robert Prince 2018 DI/D II
6’3” Devin Payne 2018 Low DI/ High DII
5’10” Jason Holman 2018 DII/NAIA
6’4” Jackson Kravets 2018 DII/NAIA
6’5” Kasif Gobir 2018 DII/NAIA


6’1” Robbie Beasley 2020 Mid/High DI
6’1” Conner Jackson 2018 DII
6’5” Grant Manning 2019 DII
6’6” Jack Nielson 2018 DII
6’4” Kyle Brown 2018 DI
6’3” Cole McMahon 2019 DII
5’8” Jaden Saunders 2020 DII
5’10” Devon Jackson 2020 DII
6’1” Elijah Alonso 2020 DII
5’10” Nick Costello 2020 DII

Newark Memorial:

6’2” Caleb Beltz 2019 DII
6’3” Jamal Frenchwood 2018 DII


6’4” Ben Baker 2018 DI/ DII
5’11” Kyree Brown 2018 DI/DII
6’4” Avery Burt 2018 DII
5’9” Jamir Thomas 2020
6’7” Luke Erdtmann 2019 DII


5’10” Andre Kelley 2018 DI (Cal)
6’5” Ezekial Holman 2018 DII
5’10” Sam Smith 2018 DII/NAIA

Moreau Catholic:

5’10” Glenn Byrd 2019 DII
6’5” Amil Fields 2019 Low DI
6’5” Dallas Rider 2020 Mid DI
5’9” Junious Poole 2019 DII
6’5” Daniel Combs 2019 DII
6’5” Leonard Turner 2019 Low DI
6’3” David Hector 2019 Low/Mid DI
6’2” Mahda Fallay 2021 Mid DI
6’0” Donovan Tynes 2021 Low DI

San Joaquin Memorial:

6’3” Lunden Taylor 2018 DI
6’6” Jonah Geron 2018 (Walk-on Washington)
6’6” Dameane Douglass 2018 DI (Loyola Marymount)
6’4” Justin Huelskamp 2019 Hi DII/ Low DI
6’6” Jalen Green 2020 High DI

St. Joseph – Norte Dame:

Julian Vaughns 2019 DI
Cameron Ba 2018 DII
Adam Campos 2019 DII
Anthony Yu 2020 DII


6’8” Mason Forbes 2018 DI (Harvard)
6’3” Jayce McCain 2018 Hi DII/ Low DI
6’3” Martis Johnson 2018 DII/ NAIA
6’4” Isaiah Jones 2018 DII/ NAIA
5’8” Eljay Gallegos 2018 DII/ NAIA

Capital Christian:

6’3” Zach Chappell 2018 Mid DI
6’5” Rick Barros 2018 Low DI
6’4” Micah Filer 2019 DII/ NAIA
5’11” Trey Jones 2019 Low DI/ High DII
6’4” Evan Johnson 2020 Mid DI

Rancho Christian:

6’9” Isaiah Mobley 2019 High DI
6’10” Evan Mobley 2020 High DI
6’0” Jordan Montgomery 2021 Low DI
6’5” Luke Turner 2021 Mid DI
6’0” Stephen Park 2018 DII/DIII
6’3” Isaiah Knox 2018 DII
6’3” KJ Redfield 2018 DII/ NAIA
6’8” Yousef Johnson 2018 DIII/ NAIA

Bishop O’Dowd:

6’2” Elijah Hardy 2018 High DI (Washington)
6’4” Naseem Gaskin 2018 High DI (Utah)
6’9” Raymond Hawkins 2019 High DI
6’1” Iniko McNeil 2019 Low DI/DII
6’2” William Chavarin 2019 Mid/Low DI
6’1” Brenden Patrick 2019 High D II


5’11” Jamal Hartwell Jr 2018 Mid DI
6’7” Kirk Smith 2018 Low DI
6’1” Ethan Anderson 2019 High DI
6’3” Rob McRae 2019 Mid DI
6’6” Daylen Williams 2019 Low D1
6’2” Mehki Kimble 2018 D II
6’1” Ron Mitchel 2019 D II
6’3” Shawn Booker 2018 D II

Bishop O’Dowd vs. Fairfax Highlights 11th Nor Cal Tip Off Classic

The eleventh annual Nor Cal Tip-Off Classic will be held Saturday November 25, 2017 at Newark Memorial High School in Newark.

The event is designed to promote/showcase Northern California basketball to college coaches, media/scouts and the general public.

There will be seven games on the day beginning at 11:00 am. High-profile programs such as San Joaquin Memorial-Fresno, Dublin, Moreau Catholic-Hayward, Capital Christian-Sacramento and Berkeley will be featured. The event will culminate with the marquee matchup at 8:30 pm between national powers Bishop O’Dowd-Oakland and Fairfax-Los Angeles.

Bishop O’Dowd is led by high level 2018 guards Elijah Hardy and Naseem Gaskin and 2019 post man Raymond Hawkins. Fairfax is lead by four Division I prospects: 2018 guard Jamal Hartwell, 2019 guards Ethan Anderson and Robert McRae and 2018 forward Kirk Smith.

Other elite prospects in the event are 2020 wing Jalen Green (San Joaquin Memorial) who is ranked #2 nationally in his class by ESPN and 2019 forward Isaiah Mobley (Rancho Christian-Temecula) who is ranked #41 in his class by ESPN.

Promising 2020 players with elite potential are forward Evan Mobley (Rancho Christian) who is a Top 5 Cal-Hi Sports prospect in his class and guard Robbie Beasley of Dublin who is a Top 10 Cal-Hi Sports prospect.

Moreau Catholic was a 2017 state finalist while Folsom and San Joaquin Memorial were NorCal quarterfinalists and St. Ignatius was a NorCal semifinalist. St. Joseph-Norte Dame and Capital Christian both were NorCal Open Division participants and Fairfax was a SoCal quarter finalist.

Four players participating in the event are currently committed to a Division I four-year school (all 2018): combo forward Andre Kelly of Lincoln-Stockton (Cal), Hardy of Bishop O’Dowd (Washington), Gaskin of Bishop O’Dowd (Utah) and forward Mason Forbes of Folsom (Harvard).

11th annual Nor Cal Tip Off Classic Schedule

Saturday November 25, 2017 at Newark Memorial High School

Game 1: 11:00 AM St. Ignatius (San Francisco) vs Las Lomas (Walnut Creek)

Game 2: 12:30 PM Dublin vs. Berkeley

Game 3: 2:15 PM Newark Memorial (Newark) vs Lincoln (Stockton)

Game 4: 3:45 PM Moreau Catholic (Hayward) vs. San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno)

Game 5: 5:30 PM St. Joseph’s-Notre Dame (Alameda) vs Folsom

Game 6: 7:00 PM Capital Christian (Sacramento) vs Rancho Christian (Temecula)

Game 7: 8:30 PM Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland) vs. Fairfax vs (Los Angeles)

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