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Are Your Kids Too Hard on Themselves? 4-Min Video Helps

Are Your Kids Too Hard on Themselves?

Are Your Kids Too Hard on Themselves? Show them this video after a big loss or choke in a game.

You wonder what to say on the car ride home. Should I say something, keep quiet, make this a teaching moment or what?

Unless your child expresses a desire to talk about it, my advice is that you are much better off not saying anything. Let them process… at first.

Most kids are pretty good at letting go but there are those times… and you know what I’m talking about.

They either go destructively inward or they beat themselves up and you see it.

I regularly hear athletes describe in great detail how devastating their last loss or choke was.

To a lot of  kids playing sports, let alone a 15 year old, it can seem like the end of the world.

What they are missing is PERSPECTIVE.

This is where parents and coaches can be a huge help in building mental toughness.

When you determine it’s time for some perspective, in either case as I mentioned above, I’ve got the perfect thing. I made you a video to simply show to them. 

They haven’t yet learned to see the loss or mistake in a new light and make it an experience they can learn and grow from. BUT YOU HAVE TO TREAD LIGHTLY or you risk them getting more angry and frustrated.

Your athlete makes a big mistake or is upset after a poor performance. Hey, it happens.

Kids Too Hard on Themselves?

What should you say or do?

Watch this short video to learn what to say and do after an upsetting game or event…

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