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Mt. Diablo High | Origin Stories To Red Devils’ Sports Facilities
Series By The Clayton Pioneer Digs Into The Names Behind School Sports Facilities, Starting With Mt. Diablo High, Concord’s Original • Mt. Diablo High School opened in 1901 and its rich athletic history includes championship teams and outstanding athletes like Dan Colchico, who played for the San Francisco 49ers... Read more
Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Keys to More Accurate Setting Using the “W”
Hi there, Lindsey Berg again imparting strategy from my “Short Setters Handbook”! In my last volleyball tips for setters blog post we discussed setting “touch”. Your ability to have a good feel for the ball. It’s a very important part of delivering what your hitters need. A good feel helps... Read more
Athlete Season Performance Evaluations
Mental training for elite athletes means you must do a post season performance evaluation. Post season evaluations are a necessity for peak performance. During a sports season and even now during this pandemic, there are inevitable ups and downs. Every player can think back to great moments on the... Read more
Lindsey Berg Volleyball Tips for Setters
SETTING TOUCH Hi all, Lindsey Berg here again! In my last volleyball tips for setters blog post we discussed volleyball footwork and how proper footwork can assuage a number of passing errors. Today I want to help you get a feel for the ball. You see, your ability to have a... Read more
Sports Psychology: Can’t go out amid Covid? GO IN!
Sports Psychology: Turning inward to reflect on your thoughts and emotions is a necessary task for creating and maintaining a healthy life. Now, especially amid Covid, is as good as ever to spend some time exploring your inner world. Ask yourself some sports psychology questions, ponder some ideas. Clarity... Read more
Does Athletic IQ Translate to Academic IQ?
LeBron James has an amazing basketball IQ. Does that mean that he is intelligent outside of basketball? Does Athletic IQ translate to academic IQ? My mentor reminds me constantly that truth (athletic IQ does translate to academic IQ) was parallel. He believes that certain principles are universal. For instance,... Read more
Volleyball Footwork: Lets Take the Next Step Together
Hi all, Lindsey Berg here! In my last blog we dove into the importance of proper volleyball footwork. Like in all sport, footwork leads to efficiency and effectiveness. You can say, it’s a critical first step toward mastering your position. As I mentioned last time, to be efficient means... Read more
Staying Mentally Tough During COVID-19
Focusing On What You Can Control Helps Manage Stress And Keep You Focused On Being Productive In The Face Of Uncertainty • Firstly, I hope you and your families are healthy and safe. As we navigate these unprecedented times, I want to check-in with you and make sure you’re... Read more
It’s Important to Stay Fit While Staying at Home
Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean Boredom. Or flabby muscles! Dr. Shah tells us how to stay fit while staying at home! Current shelter-in-place orders have created significant struggles for each household. While it is easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts, it is better to focus on the... Read more
Lindsey Berg: Volleyball Footwork Makes Perfect Passes
Olympian Volleyball player Lindsey Berg espouses one thing that she thinks all might agree on in the volleyball footwork world. That a shorter/smaller setter will make faster moves to the ball. She’s been addressing these and other skill sets specific to small setters in her recent blog posts, like... Read more
GPP- Maximizing Performance: In-Season Training
GPP, General Physical Preparation, is a key for maximum performance. The competitive, or “in-season” phase of the football season begins with the first week of practice in August and ends the day after the last game. During the competitive phase, the goal is to continue to allow you to... Read more
Lindsey Berg: Volleyball Short Setters Handbook
MOVING TO THE BALL Olympian Volleyball player Lindsey Berg espouses one thing that she thinks all might agree on in the volleyball world. That there is a big possibility that a  shorter/smaller setter will make faster moves to the ball. But that wouldn’t be a good enough reason to... Read more