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Play Sports! — BEHIND THE CLIPBOARD: Don’t Be Exclusive
Columnist Clay Kallam Details Why Playing More Than Just One Sport Is Healthy — And Likely To Make You A Better, More Well-Rounded Athlete • I love to play sports. I especially like basketball, but everyone tells me I’m a much better baseball player. My coaches want me to... Read more
Rising Forces
Here Are Five Teams Emerging From Under The Radar Just as Captain Renault suggested in the classic movie “Casablanca,” preseason rankings usually begin with this directive: “Round up the usual suspects.” But in the black-and-white world of basketball — there’s a winner and a loser every time out —... Read more
Behind the Clipboard: Priority Varsity?
I wrestle, and when we practice, we have to get out the mats, lay them down and then pick them up again so the cheerleaders can practice. Sometimes we don’t even get in the gym at all because the girls basketball JV is using it. That doesn’t seem fair... Read more