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New Year, New Opportunities in Sports Training
It’s finally here…2021! This will be a year of transitions and adjusting to our “new normal.” It is my hope that this year provides opportunity for all athletes to get back to what they love to do! New Year, New Opportunities in Sports Training. Lets do this! We made... Read more
Athlete Season Performance Evaluations
Mental training for elite athletes means you must do a post season performance evaluation. Post season evaluations are a necessity for peak performance. During a sports season and even now during this pandemic, there are inevitable ups and downs. Every player can think back to great moments on the... Read more
Sports Psychology: Can’t go out amid Covid? GO IN!
Sports Psychology: Turning inward to reflect on your thoughts and emotions is a necessary task for creating and maintaining a healthy life. Now, especially amid Covid, is as good as ever to spend some time exploring your inner world. Ask yourself some sports psychology questions, ponder some ideas. Clarity... Read more
Staying Mentally Tough During COVID-19
Focusing On What You Can Control Helps Manage Stress And Keep You Focused On Being Productive In The Face Of Uncertainty • Firstly, I hope you and your families are healthy and safe. As we navigate these unprecedented times, I want to check-in with you and make sure you’re... Read more
2020 Diet Goals? Escape The Food Police
3 Reasons Dieting Shouldn’t Be Among Your 2020 Goals What’s the best 2020 diet? The beginning of the year brings many new things: New outlook, a fresh start and new year resolutions. Many people set resolutions concerning their weight, eating habits or workout routine. Commercials and advertisements abound for... Read more
What is the cause of sports mental blocks?
To answer that, lets first answer this: What is a mental block in sports? Definition: It’s where an athlete physically cannot perform a movement or motion that they have demonstrated talent and ability for in the past. A number of baseball players came to us for a mental block... Read more
How Confidence and Belief Boosts Your Ability
I preach three ingredients are all you need to begin reaching peak performance. Confidence. Belief and Effort. You spend hours perfecting your craft. Training your body. I’m here to help you train your brain! Lets talk about how confidence and belief boosts your ability. Self-Confidence, and belief in your... Read more
Find Your Mental Confidence and Be #STRONGWITHKARA
DO YOU LIKE TO READ BOOKS? Reading can be helpful with education, vocabulary, inspiration and many other ways. The key to finding a great book is selecting a topic that you are passionate about. This past week I was in a Barnes & Noble and came across a running... Read more
Level Up: Love. Hate. Stress. Success.
Rebuild The Love With Your Favorite Sport • It’s often said that an athlete’s relationship with their sport is that of both love and hate. It’s the thing that you love the most. It gives you moments of total joy and satisfaction. Simultaneously, it’s the thing that causes the... Read more
Rise and Grind. Beating the Mental Grind Game
It’s mid-season. You are grinding through five-plus days per week of practice and games. You’re getting physically exhausted, and mentally you may be slipping into negative thinking as you try to keep up with all the sport and academic demands. How do you beat the mental grind game? Here’s a... Read more
Are Your Kids Too Hard on Themselves? 4-Min Video Helps
Are Your Kids Too Hard on Themselves? Show them this video after a big loss or choke in a game. You wonder what to say on the car ride home. Should I say something, keep quiet, make this a teaching moment or what? Unless your child expresses a desire to talk... Read more
Get to the Next Level: Advanced Mental Toughness Training
The typical advice you’re getting from instructors and other mental game coaches isn’t really working. It isn’t really helping you get to the next level, is it? Maybe you’ve read a few sports psychology books on the topic. Notice any patterns? It’s likely you have. They all teach from the... Read more