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How to Avoid Foot or Ankle Injuries While Running on the Beach
Six tips for your next jaunt by the sea to keep your feet and ankles injury free. We live in California so why not capitalize on the beauty of the beach while enjoying the strength-enhancing workout of running on the beach. Running on the beach can strengthen your ankle... Read more
How to Alleviate Foot and Heel Pain
As athletes, we deal with foot issues throughout our careers. It’s just part of the drill. Our feet are the workhorses of our workouts! But does that mean we have to suffer foot discomfort when were off the field of play? Muir Orthopedic doctors have answers. Here’s how to... Read more
Muir Pass To Play: Annual Open-To-All Screening Event Nears
Muir Orthopedic Opens Its Walnut Creek Doors For High School Sports Physicals On July 27; Pre-Registration Required • It’s mid-July, which means high school athletes will be returning to practice in as little as three weeks. Which means it’s time for Muir Orthopedic Specialists to host their annual, free... Read more