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3 Rugby Tips and Videos: Stabilizing Strength Exercises
Rugby Tip of the Month – At Home Strength Exercises I’m extremely grateful for Coach Ed Cosner sharing some Tight 5 wisdom for last month’s segment, but this month I want to show some love to the real work horses around the pitch: numbers 6, 7, 8, 12 and... Read more
How do you prepare for game day?
Rugby Tip of the Month – So how do you prepare for game day? As a high school athlete preparing to take the next step into college rugby, one of the biggest challenges I hear from college coaches is having new players show up unable to manage themselves without... Read more
9 Key Tips On How to Be A Successful College Player In Rugby
Rugby Tip of the Month University of Arizona Head Coach Sean Duffy shares with us some key off field tips for the future college rugby player and on how to be a successful college player. Especially, high school seniors should take note before heading off to college this fall!... Read more
How to Find Balance as a Student Athlete
It can be hard to find balance as a student and as an athlete. In the last month, I have had more meetings with students on weeknights (as late as 9 pm in some cases) and weekends. This is because the student simply has no other time to squeeze... Read more