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Pitch Count Matters: Know Your Limits
Pitch count matters. While good pitchers are in high demand even in youth sports, pitching too early and too often can have a lasting impact on the body. In fact, doctors at Baylor College of Medicine caution that throwing year-round at an early age could cause pitchers to be... Read more
Stamped of Talent
NorCal Softball Season Kicks Into High Gear With Loaded Livermore Stampede • With more top-end softball tournaments springing up each season, the Livermore Stampede is constantly under pressure to keep its reputation as the premier mid-season NorCal tournament. It will have no problem keeping that title this season. The 23rd... Read more
Baseball or Softball-Thinking About Being a Switch Hitter?
Switch Hitter Questions Becoming a switch hitter is a difficult decision that some baseball and softball players will have to make. Before you make the decision to become a switch hitter, you need to be able to answer some questions about yourself. If you’re a natural right handed batter,... Read more