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Krossover Film Room allows you to hold better faster film sessions with your team. Trim your video into clips, then label them in your... HOLD BETTER FASTER FILM SESSIONS: Hassle Free. Cost Free.

Krossover Film Room allows you to hold better faster film sessions with your team. Trim your video into clips, then label them in your own terminology so you can quickly search for anything you want to watch. You can even add notes and telestrations on top of the video for insightful film study with players. Store as all of your games.

With unlimited space for videos of your team, plus another 20 hours reserved scouting, we don’t put any restrictive caps on storage. We’ll never delete your film either, so you’ll have an archive of footage for seasons to come.

Share and exchange with anyone.

Seamlessly share game film with anyone – even if they aren’t on Krossover. Send videos to your entire staff, individual athletes, parents, or recruiters. It’s a hassle-free platform for swapping scout film with the opposition. Before you ask – yes, this really is absolutely free to use!

Still have questions about Krossover Film Room? Check out this helpful FAQ. When you’re ready to start saving money and promoting efficiency across your entire athletic department, sign up for free.

What is Krossover Film Room?

Inside the Film Room, you’ll find a suite of tools that allows you to edit your game film, create your own video clips, label them for easy access, and add notes and telestrations on top of everything. Enjoy seamless sharing capabilities that allow you to exchange tape with any coach on any system. Store your whole season’s worth of game film and start building your film library.
…Oh yeah, and did we mention that it’s free?

Who can use Krossover Film Room?

While Krossover users were once limited to the four sports for which we offer our breakdown service, that’s no longer the case. Every single sports team at your school can use Krossover Film Room! Your entire athletic department will benefit from the time and money you’ll save by switching to us. 

How does this compare to my school-wide deal with Hudl?

Instead of paying a huge subscription fee to Hudl for the football team, then adding teams for a couple hundred dollars a clip, Krossover lets every team at your school get started absolutely free of charge. Our free Film Room product lets you store, share, clip, tag, and telestrate on your film, so your film sessions will still be quick and effective.

We allow more flexible film sharing and exchange, so even if you want to send video to someone who is not on our system, it’s completely seamless. We don’t put restrictive caps on the amount of your games you can store, and we’re never going to delete them either. 

Finally, if tagging your own film isn’t your thing, you can upgrade to our full-service breakdown product at a discount. It’s really a no-brainer. 

I thought you guys were all about breaking the film down for me. Why aren’t you sticking with the full-service product?

The Krossover breakdowns that have been getting all of that love from your fellow coaches are not going anywhere, but we realize that the needs of every athletic department are different. If you have a tight budget, or enjoy breaking down the film yourself, we wanted you to have an effective way to conduct film sessions on our platform. We also wanted to accommodate every sports team at your school – not just basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, and football, which is what we currently break down. 

We also hated to see so many hardworking coaches getting ripped off by other companies who up-charge for storage and restrict film exchange – it’s just not good for the game. So we decided to build Film Room.

What’s in it for you?

First of all, we’re extremely passionate about building products that help coaches win more games – and we think we’ve done that with Film Room.

But true, giving stuff away for free isn’t the most sustainable business model. The hope is that we can become a trusted resource for your athletic department, and when you have that big playoff game coming up – or the volleyball team is poised for an undefeated season – you’ll turn to our premium breakdown product to give you the insight you need for an extra advantage. 

How do I get started?

If you’re an athletic director or a coach, just complete the sign up form. A game film specialist will contact you for training and account set up. It only takes a few minutes, so you’ll be an expert by the time school starts in the fall. Then just get out there and start winning some games!

If you’re an athlete or a parent, bookmark this page and send it to over to your coach or AD. 

Can I still share games with folks in my conference?

Absolutely, Krossover doesn’t restrict your sharing in any way. You can share your game film seamlessly within your platform to your athletes, other Krossover coaches, or create public links to share with anyone on any system.

What if my football team doesn’t want to change?

Your football team should select a product that best fits their needs. If they’re looking to get a competitive edge by leveraging advanced film breakdowns, scouting reports, and statistics, they should utilize Krossover’s football breakdowns. If they’re looking for a platform to store, share, clip and tag their film for free, our Film Room product is a great no-cost solution. Or if they ultimately decide that neither option works, the remainder of your athletic department could still save thousands each year by transitioning to our free Film Room product.

Is there a minimum number of teams that need to sign up for us to use it?

No. If all, part, or even a few of your school’s teams want to join Krossover by using Film Room this season, there’s no minimum or cost for usage.

Are there any larger discounts available?

We’d be happy to discuss potential discounts for school-wide, or conference-wide deals. Let’s determine each team’s needs and we can talk further. Complete the sign up form to get the conversation started, or just email us directly.

Will I have access to technical assistance during my season?

Yes. We will have pre-season training sessions for all staff members to get you comfortable with Film Room, but if you’re stuck for any reason, our 24/7 support staff will be available to help!

Is there training available for my staff?

Yes. We will have pre-season training sessions for all staff members to get you comfortable with Film Room.

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Sign up for a Film Room account today and receive 1 free breakdown.

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