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It’s finally the holidays, and if you’re anything like me, you’re bundled up to avoid the cold weather, and you just can’t help but...

It’s finally the holidays, and if you’re anything like me, you’re bundled up to avoid the cold weather, and you just can’t help but want to eat everything in sight. So you’re gaining a little weight? Who cares? 

Unless you have a figure competition coming up or you’re going to the beach any time soon, this is the perfect time to start adding that muscle without the fear of adding a little fat. When summertime comes you most likely want those big muscles that lay under the fat. The problem is that it’s hard to gain good muscle without adding some unwanted fat. So I like to gain the muscle in the winter, and then cut the fat off in the spring and summer when I want to spend some time with my shirt off selling tickets to the gun show. 

Does this mean to gorge yourself like a stuffed pig? No. But it means that you can use those extra calories to help build some great lean muscle. Below are some simple pointers you can use this holiday season to start the process of gaining some good lean muscle for showing off later in the year. 

EAT FOOD!: Most people want to spend umpteen hours at their local supplement store looking for the holy grail of products. All supplements have their ups and downs, but the problem is that most people use them as their sole source of good nutrient intake. I am not a huge proponent of supplements unless you have an already sound nutritional program. This way you can take supplements out of convenience, not because you think they are a necessity. 

Go to the grocery store and buy the foods you know you should eat, and then go home and cook. In the long run it will save you hundreds of dollars in supplements and, as long as you eat the same way, you’ll maintain your results  longer than if you were on supplements alone and stopped because you couldn’t afford them. I am for supplements, but only if they are taken correctly with a sound diet.

TRAIN FOR SIZE, NOT JUST STRENGTH: Most guys try to be the one to move the most weight (believe me I get it) but you’re going to end up simply getting strong instead of big and strong. The goal is to do 4-6 sets of 8-15 reps using weights around 65-80 percent of your one-rep max. Make sure to go through the full range of motion in each exercise to get the big long muscle that looks good when you cut the fat later.

FEEL THE BURN: When training for size you’re likely going to get into the range where you get the muscle burn mid lift, that’s a good thing for the goal of bulking. Just make sure to take adequate rest in between each set to maximize the ability to get every rep on your own without a spotter to do all your work.

RECOVER: Listen to your body. No one climbs Mt. Everest in one straight shot; they take breaks at base camps to recover their energy. So when you hit those walls take the time to recover and de-load your body so that you can push past your plateaus and have some great muscle gains.

Now go enjoy stuffing your face this holiday season, just make sure to train the right way so that you use that fuel to gain some good winter muscle.  

Anthony Trucks was a decorated football player for Antioch High and the University of Oregon before spending time on multiple NFL rosters. His Trucks Training facility has been operating since 2008. Powered By Trucks will run once a month in the magazine and will include additional content at Send your weight training questions to Anthony at


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