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Fitness FRENZY Ups Mt. Diablo Fitness FRENZY Ups Mt. Diablo
Concord Helps Host Pair Of Fitness Forward Events In October, November Get your step counter on. It’s time to get ready for the eighth... Fitness FRENZY Ups Mt. Diablo

Concord Helps Host Pair Of Fitness Forward Events In October, November

Get your step counter on. It’s time to get ready for the eighth running of the Diablo Summit Stump. A 30K marathon where the Mount Diablo summit is only the halfway point.

The event, which is staged out of Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek, takes place on Nov. 4. Runners of the 30K will run from Castle Rock Park, all the way to the summit of Mount Diablo, and back. Those not quite ready for the 18 miles of running can still participate in the 5K, 10K or half marathon.

Runners who sign-on for the 30K runners also get a chance to “make a deal with El Diablo” at about Mile 9. At that point, if the runner isn’t feeling ready to make it to the summit that day, they can switch to the half marathon and be counted as an official half marathon finisher (except they go in the “surrendered” division for that race so aren’t eligible for any special awards).

Finishers are awarded a special finisher medal. Those who finish in the top three of their age/gender division receive special awards. The event helps raise funds for Save Mount Diablo (via participant donations), but the main goal is to build community and support of our parks and outdoor activity.

Entry fees are as follows:

>> 5K: $48 until 9/18, $53 until 10/16, $58 after 10/16

>> 10K: $53 until 9/18, $58 until 10/16, $63 after 10/16

>> Half Marathon: $74 until 9/18, $79 until 10/16, $84 until after 10/16

>> 30K: $79 until 9/18, $84 until 10/16, $89 until after 10/16

Registration fees will include all parking and shuttles fees, however each participant will also be charged a mandatory $7 fee to go to Mt Diablo State Park.

Find out more about the Diablo Summit Stomp at

International Functional Fitness Championships

Now if you want to get yourself psyched up for the Diablo Stomp, make your way to Concord Pavilion the weekend of Oct. 21-22 to view some of the most fit athletes in the world compete in the 2017 International Functional Fitness Federation Championships.

The pinnacle event of iF3 competition features world-class functional fitness athletes representing a variety of nations over a two-day competition. The event holds Team Medley and Individual Medley competition formats. The Individual Medley will feature the iF3 standard six tests over two days, one in each of the following categories: aerobic capacity, strength, bodyweight endurance, bodyweight skill, mixed modal, and power.

A quick description of each skill:

Aerobic Capacity — This test contains repeatable cyclical work. It tests the athlete’s ability to pace, perform work, and recover quickly.

Strength — This test contains strength work with a barbell. It tests the athlete’s timing, coordination, and athleticism while working under a heavy load.

Bodyweight Endurance — This test contains bodyweight movements paired with cyclical movements. It tests relative muscle endurance.

Bodyweight Skill — This test contains advanced gymnastics skill work. It tests the athlete’s pacing ability, range of motion, skill and core control.

Mixed Modal — This tests contains a variety of tasks and challenges. It tests the athlete’s ability to transition between movements, perform movement variations, control pacing and handle load variations.

Power — This test contains a high demand of work to be performed for a short time frame. It tests the athlete’s ability to execute movements quickly with a proper strategy in order to display speed and pure power.

The list of participating countries for the 2017 Championships include the USA, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Tickets are available online through Ticketmaster for $13.75 + fees. For a link to purchase tickets, or to learn more about the event, visit the event’s website at

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