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Race day: Clash of Texas Race day: Clash of Texas
Race day: Clash of Texas, Austin TX On Saturday, I ran at the Clash of Texas track meet in Austin. It was a different... Race day: Clash of Texas

Race day: Clash of Texas, Austin TX

On Saturday, I ran at the Clash of Texas track meet in Austin. It was a different feel because we had to leave at 3am to make it to the meet by 6am. The 3000m was scheduled to start at 7am. This was the first time I warmed up for a race while it was still dark.

I made some changes this race to avoid some mistakes I made last week. Which also helped me improved 15 seconds from last week. Stayed comfortable, focused on breathing, staying tall and ran my race. Now I have a new personal best time in the 3000m. I’m very proud of myself and I earned a very nice medal for winning the race.

But later that day, I ran the 1500m and finished with a time I only ran once, which was the first time I ever ran the 1500m race in the 10 year old age group. Im not sure why I was off so much, but I know I will be better next time!

Overall, this meet was one of the best I’ve been too! Very good teams participated, great competition and exciting energy! It was great how the events ran smoothly and quick! Will want to run in this meet again next year.

This was a challenging week during race day, Clash of Texas. Being tired and with some soreness, I had a meet with some ups and downs.

Day 1

Started the week of with repeat 1600m runs. I found these runs to be a little more difficult because I was sore from strength training and it was a windy day. I still managed to run consistently.

My focus was not going out too fast and running balanced splits. My times were 6:26, 6:27 and 6:21. I was consistently hitting my splits and on the last set, I pushed a bit harder.

Video above after Jordynn completed her last 1600m set

Day 2

On this day, I worked with Coach Stixx again, all race pace. My 400’s were both at 1:14. I was hoping to run them a bit faster, but I didn’t have the strength. My 800 was a 2:47, which was also tough, especially after the 400’s and wind blowing. My dad wanted me to shut it down after the 400’s because I didn’t look myself running but I wanted to push through and finish the workout.

Day 3

I was supposed to do a hill workout but we decided to just do a track workout since my training was a little rough this week. It was a quick workout with just 4x 300m runs. I was at 60, 59, 59 and 55 for each 300m run. I worked on staying smooth, comfortable and not going out too fast. It was raining on this, but not too bad. By my last 300m it started coming down pretty hard!

Video of Jordynn running 300s as the rain started to come down

Picture of Jordynn waiting for her next 300 set

Thank you Austin Honey Badgers for hosting an awesome meet!

Start of the 3000m

Podium after the 3000m

 Clash of Texas medals and drawstring bag


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