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Spring Training Home Running Workout Spring Training Home Running Workout
Part of SportStars #NeverStop campaign, and #StayStrong @home spring training series. Here’s a good schedule of activities for the runner in the household. A... Spring Training Home Running Workout

Part of SportStars #NeverStop campaign, and #StayStrong @home spring training series.

Here’s a good schedule of activities for the runner in the household. A good spring training home running workout schedule from the Youth Runner Spring Training from Home Series…

Hope everyone is doing well. We’re giving you a workout that you can adapt to your own situation. You may have to run laps around your yard. Run up and down the stairs in your house. Do bodyweight exercises, yoga, or just run in place.

Get creative! If the workout says go for 25 minutes, maybe you run in place for 25 minutes in the garage. We’re all experiencing a world right now that none of us expected. So whether you’re working out inside at home or …. venturing outside, please follow all of the social distancing guidelines and rules during this time. Please take it seriously! Ok, Lets get right to it.


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Home Running Workout Schedule:

Sunday – Recovery Day

Full recovery day- take the day off entirely or walk with family for 45 minutes.

Monday – Light Running

Light running for 20-25 minutes in the ‘hood,’ enjoy getting out for an easy run.

Tuesday – Fartlek

Fartlek session- another day of speed play.

For younger, inexperienced, and less fit athletes, I usually break the Fartlek up into two or even three ‘repetitions.’ Since to do good quality, rhythmical Fartlek with no jogging at any time (whether True Fartlek or Structured Fartlek) and to concentrate on playing with it, takes good concentration and fitness.

So, for example, this is what I have recommended for a middle school or high school athlete with medium-to-good fitness levels.

Sample Session – Middle School or HS athletes:

Warmup easy run of 6-8 minutes
2 sets x 5min – 8min FARTLEK (vary running paces randomly and play with different running rhythms: slower than XC pace, 5k, 3k, Mile paces)
3 mins of easy running – Fartlek on grass and road

When finished do a Cool Down easy run of 6min – 8min

Fartlek Running Total: 10-16 minutes
Total Running: 25-35minutes

This session is only a suggestion until you get the hang of it. The psychological holiday away from the track, so please feel free to change what we suggest. It really depends on your “mindset”, and what fuels your energy.

1. Warm-up with about 10 minutes of easy running. Practice Matt Walsh’s dynamic warm-up stretching.

2. Run 4, 30-second pickups at 1/2 marathon, 10k, 5k, 3k rhythm, with 1 minute walking between each.

3. Depending on the terrain where you live, run for about 2 minutes at the rhythm you feel you can run a 5k; then walk and jog for 2 minutes to get recovered.

4. Run for 1 minute at your 1600m rhythm, walk and jog for 1-2 minutes to get recovered.

5. Run for 2 min @ 5k pace with a 2 min recovery.

6. Run for 90 seconds at 3k rhythm, 1-2 minutes for recovery.

7. Run for 75 seconds at 1600m rhythm, 2 min recovery.

8. Run for 3 min @ 5k rhythm, 2 min recovery, then 10 minutes cooling down running.

Wednesday – Recovery or Fun = Recovery running or alternate fun aerobic activity or 45 minutes, like walking the dog.

Thursday – Running

35-40 minutes with 2-4 pickups at 10K rhythm, followed by easy running for 1-3 minutes. Always cool down for 8-10 minutes of easy running.

Friday – Day Off

Sat – Long Run

Long run for 45-55 minutes or add 5 minutes to last weeks’ long run.

Sun – Day Off

And that wraps up our Spring Training Home Running Workout for the week.

Got questions about the workout? You can join us Monday at 5:15 pm Pacific here.

Or ask Coach Bob or any of our coaches a question about your training or anything related to running here.

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