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Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 5: All About Ankles Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 5: All About Ankles
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Abidi Joins The Show For A Discussion On One Of The Most Common Sports-Related Injuries — The Ankle Sprain •... Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 5: All About Ankles

For our fifth episode we’re joined by Golden State Orthopedic & Spine physician, Dr. Nicholas Abidi, to discuss an injury sustained by both elite talents and average Joes — the ankle sprain.

What exactly happens when you suffer an ankle sprain? What are the differences in the severity? Are certain athletes more susceptible to the injury? And what happens to athletes who continue to sprain the same ankle?

We tackle all of those questions and more in our 20 minute talk with Dr. Abidi. So walk carefully to the nearest comfortable listening area. Kick up your feet (and ankles), and have a listen.

Know & GO is being made in partnership with Golden State Orthopedics & Spine. Whether you are a Little Leaguer, a pro athlete or a world-class grandparent, you can get expert care for sports and other injuries, painful joints and much more from the compassionate doctors at Golden State Ortho. Visit them online today at

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Chace Bryson

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