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Clemmens on the MLB Hot Stove
RECOGNIZING THE MLB All-BAWS TEAM By Blaine Clemmens; email me at or Tweet me @BayAreaWS With National Letter-of-Intent week gone by, the MLB Hot Stove season (though even Luke-Warm-Stove seems like a stretch as of this writing), and Thanksgiving providing us a time for reflection, I started to think... Read more
National Letter of Intent Week For High School Student-Athletes
It’s National Letter of Intent (NLI) week for high school student-athletes. I have a twitter account. So, I have seen lots of posts, celebrating the accomplishments of many hard working and deserving student-athletes. Age Of Social Media However, in the age of social media and in the age of... Read more
CLEMMENS: Single Sport Overload
It’s Friday morning and I got a text from a good friend whose pre-teen son plays travel baseball.  Later in the day I received a phone call from a successful and long tenured high school head coach regarding some challenges he’s dealing with in his program, directly related to... Read more
SCOUT IT OUT LOUD Northern California is one of the most plentiful regions for producing professional baseball players. Take a look at the big league rosters and you will find all-star caliber players such as Dustin Pedroia (Woodland), Jimmy Rollins (Alameda), and CC Sabathia (Vallejo) and of course many... Read more