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Hip Pointer Injuries and Treatment
Hip pointer injuries occur often in contact sports, but treating hip pointers is easy and can lead to relatively quick recovery Common Injuries A hip pointer is a direct contact injury to the iliac crest, the bony prominence that can be felt along the waistline. This is a very... Read more
The warm-up is one of the most important components of a successful race and is also one of the most overlooked aspects of pre-race preparation. The warm-up helps prepare you for the physical demands of the race and also improves your muscles’ dynamics so that you are less prone... Read more
Help Prevent ACL Injuries in Football
A torn ACL is one of the most serious injuries a football player can suffer. Besides having to possibly sit out the season, players may face loss of scholarship funding and long-term problems from the painful joint condition osteoarthritis. Most ACL injuries do not occur from player-to-player contact. The... Read more
Hip Injuries- Cut, Twist, Tear?
   Hip labral tears are being diagnosed more than ever before. Are you at risk? Hip Injuries | Hunter Greene, M.D.    Sports that rely on cutting and twisting such as ice hockey, soccer, football and basketball, put the hip at risk for labral tears. Also, structural abnormalities of... Read more
Sprain or Strain?
Sprain or Strain Injuries| Hunter Greene, M.D.    Whether you twist your ankle on the field or hurt your back in the weight room, you probably don’t care whether you call it a sprain or a strain. It just hurts. But there is a difference between the two. The... Read more