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Level Up- When The Meniscus Shock Absorber Hurts
The dreaded swollen knee. As fall sports are in full swing we unfortunately see a large number of athletes who tumble to the ground; grabbing a knee in severe pain. Swelling in the knee indicates a joint which is aggravated and may have multiple forms of internal damage including... Read more
Repairing ACL Tears in Young Athletes
 Repairing ACL tears in young athletes has to account for the athlete’s physical growth potential.    With the rapid increase in single-sport specialization among children, orthopaedic providers have seen a tremendous rise in the number of adult-type injuries in our young athletes.  Particularly anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Children... Read more
HEALTH WATCH: While out on a typical Sunday morning in the park, it is not uncommon to see people taking part in their weekend exercise routine. Particularly running. What is becoming increasingly common is to see individuals jogging down running paths and roads barefoot. Or at least  with “minimalist”... Read more
Multi-Sport Athletes: To Specialize or Not
Multi-Sport Athletes: To Specialize or Not Dr. Nirav K. Pandya    With an increasing emphasis in high school athletics on obtaining a scholarship, there has been a rapid decline in multi-sport athletes.    I have seen an increasing number of patients specializing at a young age with a concurrent... Read more