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Best Practices To Burn Body Fat

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It’s summertime and everyone is trying to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors. You know as well as I do that it’s much easier to enjoy the weather with less clothes on, but that means showing off more skin. If you have a little more padding than you desire, then finding a way to shed that fat fast is probably on the top of your mind.

There’s actually a simple science to this that takes into account the type of training you do and the way your body responds to shed fat. Obviously food comes into the picture here, but I’m going to leave that discussion for a later date. Simply stop eating food you know you shouldn’t, if you want to lose weight.

There’s a trifecta that comes into play here when you want to shed fat. The main goal is to have more lean muscle on your body to raise your resting metabolic rate and in turn be able to burn more calories and fat at rest. Like as you’re reading this column.

Here’s how you do that, while bringing in two other pieces that synergistically tie this all together and make you a fat-burning furnace.

1. Do exercises that are high intensity and take strength and power. Doing so allows you to burn more calories in less time. You also use bigger muscle fibers that have to rebuild. Step 1 of fat loss.

2. Your bodies rebuilding process, when you’re sore, uses and burns calories for up to 42 hours post-workouts. Step 2 of fat loss.

3. Once you recover, you now have more lean muscle mass and a higher resting metabolic rate. In turn, you can work out harder and make the cycle exponentially improve. Step 3 of fat loss that rolls into step 1 and repeats over and over.

If you keep this concept in mind while you train and push your limits while integrating a good diet, you’ll see fat slide off your body.

Anthony Trucks is an IYCA-certified trainer, an American Ninja course qualifier and the owner of Trucks Training in Brentwood. He covers weight training for SportStars.

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