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How to Navigate the Sports Parent Minefield

Walking the Sports Parent Minefield!

You’re a concerned, supportive sports parent. You spend tons of time and energy chauffeuring your kid to practices, games, meetings, etc. You keep them as healthy as you can, and fight for the work/life/play balance. You’re walking the Sports Parent Minefield!

Let’s not even talk about how much money you spend on them for their sports, right?  (Sorry, didn’t mean to bring that up).

And with all of that…you can say one wrong thing and at just the wrong time…

<< just one time >>

…and crack your kids’ confidence, create friction in your relationship, even plant problems in their performance! My gosh!

It’s like walking a minefield as a sports parent!

Well, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help (and I’m not from the government)!

How to Be a Great Sports Parent

Let’s start out with this video I did for you. It’s like a map of that sports minefield. Check it out. Let me know what you think too? There’s a feedback option, go for it!

to be a great sports parent

Here’s an into to what you’re about to see.

Welcome to the Mental Toughness Academy!  I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer. I have two teenage boys that play sports, so I get it how hard parental involvement is in youth sports!

It requires a lot of balance between cheerleading them on and keeping your mouth shut, because none of us want to be perceived as those overbearing parents in sports!

Do you ever have those times with your young athlete that it seems like no matter what you do or say, it’s going to be wrong or make things worse?

I’ve been there. I’ve got some answers for the next time you’re between that rock and a hard place.

Click the link (above) to watch a short video to learn what to do to be a great sports parent…

Let’s do this,

Craig Sigl, Mental Toughness Trainer

Read more about my RACE formula to better performance and healthy outlook for your young athletes. Lets help them perform their best and stay well-adjusted while they do!

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