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How to Set a Goal, Plan to Reach it and Dream

how to Set a sports goal and be better

“Doing easily what others find difficult is talent.

Doing what is impossible for talent is genius.”~ Henri-Frederic Amiel

Imagine Parents, Teachers, Coaches… if your athlete, player, or child that you so care about showed up with a DREAM — set a GOAL based on that DREAM and a plan to make that goal happen, what would your home and your kids’ life look like?

I can tell you from experience, everything would be different.

Your child’s attitude, belief, self-esteem and approach to life — and more specifically, to their team, home and to themselves, would be great.

Then the question remains, why do adults not make that happen? Maybe they just don’t believe it, or they just don’t know how.

Every single happy and successful person has dreams. Imagination. Vision.

They have a process for setting a goal and making that goal a reality. Whether it is Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Oprah Winfrey or Lebron James, they all have dreams and goals — and they have a plan for making them come true!

So my questions are, do you know how to dream?

Do you understand and know how to set a goal?

And do you have a plan or process for reaching your goal?

All successful people use their imagination to set goals, but what makes them different than everyone else is they relentlessly chase their dream through a goal-setting process.

I tell parents all the time that their kids are setting goals — one way or another.

Consciously or unconsciously, either the form opinions from which they form a goal form what they are hearing from friends at school, what they see on social media or what they think the adults in their life want them to do.

Therefore, the adults in their lives need to be intentional in helping their kid or player create dreams based on the kid’s purpose and then support them to achieve goals based on their dreams.

Figure out how to do it with your child or hire an expert, it is too important not too!



Be Blessed!

La Shawn B. Wells, JD

Peak Performance Coach

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