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Knowing Rugby Laws Can Help Get You Into College!

You heard it here first – becoming a rugby referee can help you get into college!

Colleges value students who are involved in activities outside of school, and they are not only looking for participation, they are looking for Leadership. Rugby refereeing is great for college applications in a variety of ways:

  1. First, by definition, you are “in charge” of the match as the leader of a large group of people (players, coaches, spectators and more). This is a huge amount of responsibility on a young person’s shoulders and it shines through in an application.
  2. You may have an opportunity in refereeing to go further than you do as a player. There is a huge push to encourage more young people to pick up refereeing. The game has gotten faster (especially in 7s) therefore, the refs must keep up! As a referee, you might get a chance to travel the country and the world! All colleges value someone who can stand out somewhere – maybe refereeing will be where you will shine.
  3. Refereeing can be considered Work Experience since most referee societies will pay you to cover matches for them. Win-Win! Think of all the money you can save for college.

So, are you ready to take the first step? CLICK HERE for more information on The Rugger’s Edge website.

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