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Redding Really Shines At Night

In Redding, the summer fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. The city known for its internationally acclaimed Sundial Bridge and vast scenic beauty is also a great home base for trips to nearby national parks, which offer plenty of activities under the sun and stars.

Redding is an Outdoor Paradise

Only 10 minutes west of Redding is Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. This is an outdoor recreation paradise. During the day, hike to four waterfalls reaching to 220 feet in height, pack some dirt in your mountain bike tires and tear up any of the well-maintained trails. Or soak up the sun on a standup paddleboard.

When the sun dips behind the Trinity Alps, cruise across the pristine waters of Whiskeytown Lake on a free moonlit ranger-led kayak tour and witness the dramatic changes in the landscape. Stretch your summer well into the night with evening astronomy programs and star parties. Gaze into our galaxy while away from urban light pollution and explore the heavens.


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Lassen Volcanic National Park

An hour east of Redding is one of the best kept secrets in California: Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park boasts incredible mountain scenery reminiscent of Yosemite. Also it has fascinating thermal wonders similar to Yellowstone, but draws only a small fraction of the visitors. Discover the steam vents, bubbling mud pots and hot springs.  Also explore all four types of volcanoes — one of the few places in the world where all types can be seen.

Kayak across the crystal clear waters of Manzanita Lake or cast a line with Lassen Peak as the backdrop. Journey through miles of hiking trails that take you through different terrains featuring meadows, lava beds, mountain peaks and waterfalls.

At night, there’s not a better place to star gaze. Experience the splendor of the dark night sky with Lassen’s Dark Sky Festival. The views of the celestial wonders are unparalleled, offering unforgettable sights of the Milky Way and beyond.

Day for night, your national park exploration begins in Redding — where fun meets adventure.



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